What is the number for ESA Enquiries?

What is the number for ESA Enquiries?

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The information in this article explains how to create and execute a table creation query in Access. A table creation query is used when you need to copy data into a table, archive data, or save query results as a table.

To change or update part of the data in an existing set of records (such as one or more fields), you can use an update query. For more information about update queries, see the article Create and run an update query.

If you need to add records (rows) to an existing table, use an appended data query. For more information about appended data queries, see the article Adding records to a table using an appended data query.

A table creation query retrieves data from one or more tables and then loads the result set into a new table. That new table can reside in the database you have opened, or you can create it in another database.

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This brand integration allows you to keep the services you already had. The most important differential of this evolution is that you, as the user, will be the one who will choose which device to connect. Your contracted service will remain unchanged.

All the services you had contracted under the Fibertel brand will remain unchanged in their commercial conditions. You will only notice the change in the nomenclature that identifies your Fibertel service, now you will see the name “Internet” in the details of your bill.

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In this first stage of implementation of the rebranding, the contact channels for customers will remain the same, while we move forward in the process of unifying the systems and contact channels of both connectivity services (mobile and fixed).

Yes, we are finalizing the development of the unified service process in all service channels, so that you can consult on any service through all our contact points.

18. As a former Fibertel customer, I used to make several queries and transactions through the app Mi cuenta Cablevisión|Fibertel. Where am I going to make these transactions now? Is this application going to disappear?

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Customer Commitments:  THE CUSTOMER is responsible for adopting the appropriate security measures for the administration of the e-mail account, as well as for the management of the password to access the same and for maintaining the mailbox with sufficient capacity for the reception of the monthly invoice for the electric energy service issued by CODENSA S.A. ESP. Consequently, the customer’s failure to comply with this obligation will not invalidate the delivery made by this means.

The customer will be responsible for checking the mailbox of the indicated e-mail, reason for which the omission in the fulfillment of such obligation by the customer will not invalidate the delivery made by this means.

The monthly invoices of electric energy issued by CODENSA S.A. ESP. will be sent for its visualization in PDF format, reason for which the CUSTOMER must have installed in its equipment the software that allows the correct visualization and/or download of the images sent by CODENSA S.A. ESP. in this format.

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The 107 health line of the City provides information to neighbors and answers to all doubts through a specialized call center. In the case of people who presented symptoms, epidemiologists activated the corresponding follow-up protocol.

The City’s 107 health hotline provides information to neighbors and answers to all their questions through a specialized call center. With the support of a group of epidemiologists, the best way of assistance is proposed for each of the situations that arise.

2) By hand contact with surfaces contaminated with the virus: It is therefore recommended to wash hands frequently with alcohol gel or soap and water, wash frequently contacted surfaces such as cell phones, railings, countertops and doorknobs with water and bleach diluted 1 in 1,000 and get used to not touching the face with the palm of the hands: the virus goes from the surface to the palm and from the palm to the eyes, nose and mouth. This path must be interrupted with will and attention.

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