What is low income California?

What is low income California?

Cheap rentals in baja california sur

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Apartments in Baja California Sur

In this sense, Velázquez Meza explained that the aim is to lessen and avoid the marked inequality that prevails in certain areas of the country, such as Baja California Sur, for which reason reducing the payment of such tax from 30 to 20 percent will help to encourage investment and the generation of jobs, improve commercial activity and the quality of services, and maintain competitiveness, to mention some of the benefits.

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“I have already addressed this issue in several points of agreement that I have presented before the Tribune, where we have sought the support of the Federal Executive for the purpose of granting my State the benefits that have been provided to other Municipalities and States of the North of the country and that were favored with the Decree of the Federal Executive”, he recalled.

In this context, he detailed that due to the natural conditions of the peninsula of Baja California Sur, it is separated from the continental massif, and this situation makes it difficult and makes the commercial relations established with suppliers and traders who have activities in the Entity more expensive.

Rentals in Baja California

The pandemic has put many low-income renters between a rock and a hard place. And for their landlords, it has caused financial hardship as they have been unable to collect rent to pay their own debts. Moratoriums against evictions at the local and state level have allowed many people to remain in their homes, but they will soon have to pay the rent they owe.

As of March 15, the application period for the state’s rental financial assistance program began. This initiative has $2.6 billion in federal funds, which could increase following the passage of the latest economic stimulus package.

Landlords can now apply for financial assistance as long as they house low-income tenants who have fallen behind in their rent payments due to the pandemic. These landlords can receive up to 80% of all rent they missed from April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021. But they will have to forgive the remaining 20% and may not attempt to evict their tenant because of the tenant’s inability to pay rent.

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Rentals in baja california sur

“It is no longer convenient to make too much of a single stew, because there are not many customers and we don’t know if they will stay, that’s why we offer more beef jerky or milanesas, which are cooked on the spot. That way you don’t lose so much,” says one of the cooks.

The place looks empty and most people order their food to take away. Before the pandemic, the customers were teachers from two nearby schools and office workers or home sellers who worked nearby.

Despite the relatively low demand, ‘Las cazuelas del tío’ also decided to raise their prices due to the increase in rent and increases in supplies such as oil and gas.