What is a disability voucher?

What is a disability voucher?

Conadis solidarity bonus

He also informed that the second point agreed upon was the realization of a meeting between the Ministers of State and representatives of the disabled on November 11 and 12, to gather the concerns and demands of this vulnerable social sector.

For his part, the president of the Federation of Community Organizations of Persons with Disabilities and Handicaps of the Department of Santa Cruz, Roberto Nacho, thanked the commitment of President Luis Arce and the willingness of Minister Prada to listen to their demands and ratified the support of this sector to the Government’s administration.

Bono for the disabled link

The Autonomous Municipal Government of La Paz summons the beneficiaries of the Municipal Bonus for Persons with Severe and Very Severe Disability in the municipality of La Paz, to update their data and access the payment of the Municipal Bonus in the branches of Banco Union.

Those mentioned in the attached list must present themselves at the Unit for Persons with Disabilities and carry a valid identity card and disability card (original and photocopy). In appropriate cases, attach the birth certificate, court order and identity card of the mother, father, guardian or guardian (original and photocopy).

Disability Bonus Ecuador

Honduras Disability Bonus begins to be paid this Saturday nationwide The budget for the delivery of the Better Life Bonus was approved and published in the official newspaper La Gaceta last week.

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS – Hundreds of people with disabilities will receive – starting this Saturday – the government’s Better Life Bonus. Authorities informed that at least 193 million lempiras will be destined to the cause.

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The bonus is a support to the income of the person with disabilities and helps to help them to be incorporated into an active socioeconomic life, which allows them income to meet their basic needs.

Payments will be made according to the established schedule, and people who have not been summoned will not be attended, in order to avoid the crowd that represents a greater risk of contagion.

The Voucher will be delivered to the participants in several ways, directly to the beneficiary, through transfers and other mechanisms carried out by paying entities of the banking and non-banking network, supervised by the National Banking and Insurance Commission (CNBS).

Bono Mental Disability

Provincial Municipality of SullanaLEARN ABOUT THE REQUIREMENTS TO ACCESS A STATE PENSION FOR SEVERE DISABILITY THROUGH THE “CONTIGO” PROGRAM Press ReleaseSubmanagement of Communication and Institutional Image September 9, 2020 – 8:41 a.m. If you have a family member, minor or adult, with severe disability; that is, with absolute or almost absolute dependence on another person for daily activities, keep in mind the following requirements to be able to access a State pension for severe disability through the solidarity program “Contigo”.

The manager of Social Development, Walter Temoche, explained that the money given through the Banco de La Nación are non-contributory pensions of 300 soles, every two months, for the exclusive benefit of the person with severe disability and serves for the purchase of medicines, food, clothing and therapies; that is, everything related to improving their quality of life within the family environment.

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