What are phantom assets?

What are phantom assets?

What is a shell company and how does it operate?

However, shell companies are often not set up for legitimate purposes. They are also a good method to defraud the tax authorities. One of the best known formulas is that of channeling international income through these companies, thus avoiding the taxes that a company or individual must report in their country. Illegitimate money, obtained from political corruption or the sale of arms and drugs, is also often laundered using shell companies.

Although the obligation of the entrepreneur is to deregister the company if his business closes, in some cases these companies are kept alive waiting for a possible second opportunity, avoiding paying the costs of incorporation again when the time comes. Thus, the intention of the Treasury in 2021 is that “only those companies that really intervene in the commercial or economic sphere maintain their full legal-tax life”.

Phantom companies in Mexico

There are a large number of businesses that at the time of making a credit card payment charge a commission that they should pay. This type of charge is prohibited and must be reported. However, many people decide to pay the commission because it is minimal, generating an unnecessary expense.

There are many everyday expenses that become phantom expenses because the money drain they represent in the long run is considerable. Coffee, snacks, loose cigarettes and even unplanned purchases are phantom expenses that you should avoid.

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What is a shell company

Strategic asset management is important for organizations, especially those that like to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why in this blog you’ll learn what strategic asset management is and what its benefits are.

But to ensure efficient strategic management, it is essential to have software. This will allow you to know the status of your assets and generate reports. Transforming information into guidelines and objectives into realities.

To make an effective maintenance plan, your organization and its managers must focus on proactive maintenance. Proactive maintenance is a very critical part of maintenance for good strategic asset management.

If you are planning for the long term, it is important that the asset requires less time in maintenance and is more productive so that performance increases. For that asset, performance must be optimized by giving it its maintenance on time.

Automated software provides you with several metrics that help drive asset performance. With reports on the current condition of assets, the responsible employee and with maintenance alerts.

Ghost companies are illegal

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WhatsApp has become one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world, of course, when using this type of tool our information is exposed, so we tell you how you can keep your privacy safe.

If you want only your contacts to know who you are, you can hide your name in WhatsApp. To do this you must click on the three dots at the top right of the app and select settings.

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