Is Franklin Templeton a good company?

Is Franklin Templeton a good company?

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English Chinese Simplified Dutch French Italian Italian German PolishThe recent bout of market volatility has certainly been unsettling for most investors, and they will have to live with it for a little while longer, given the market’s ongoing near-term uncertainties. Norm Boersma, chief investment officer at Templeton Global Equity Group, explains why his team does not see a major cause for alarm amid the recent market correction, and why they believe conditions are conducive to a value-oriented approach.

The US economy remains far from recession and the most recent corporate earnings reports have been very positive. In Europe, Eurozone manufacturing data has held steady, corporate earnings have improved and credit demand has picked up. In Asian and emerging markets, commodity producers face the brunt of the downturn, although attractive stocks persist among companies with good capitalizations and management and good exposure to long-term growth trends.

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In periods of extreme volatility, correlations between asset classes can converge. It is an important reminder to build portfolios that can provide true diversification when it is needed most. Flexible diversification across global fixed-income, currency and derivatives markets is essential to weather changing interest rate and risk environments.

Buried in post-crisis history and the regulations that followed is an important secret about credit markets: the basis of the biggest drivers of distortion between price and fundamental value in fixed income markets was created by regulations implemented in response to the Great Depression.

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With more than 1,250 investment professionals located in 34 markets, the firm manages more than $1.5 trillion (as of June 30, 2021) in assets and offers clients a “broad range of investment strategies spanning all major sectors” of the market.

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Among the top positions are Microsoft, Apple, Costco and Ball. The first two stocks we consider leaders on a variety of ESG issues and have had lengthy dialogues with each. For example, with Microsoft we often discuss digital access, data security and customer privacy. It has significantly improved security, both in its own products and in its cloud offerings. Both Microsoft and Apple have global facilities that run 100% on renewable energy. Both are also leaders in workplace diversity.Ball, in the materials sector, is the largest manufacturer of recyclable aluminum beverage cans in North America. Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable and have much higher recycling rates (75% worldwide) than plastic bottles.Costco, in the consumer staples sector, is the largest warehouse food retailer in the U.S. and a leading organic food retailer. Given its scale, Costco is making organic and natural food products more competitive in price, which helps overcome some cost barriers.

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Good investing starts with ambition, and success only comes when you look for it. That’s why we continually strive to deliver better results for our investors. Whatever your goals, our deep understanding of global investment enables us to offer solutions that can help.

We offer clients the strength and experience gained from decades of dynamic asset management. At Franklin Resources, Inc. (doing business as Franklin Templeton Investments), our fiscally responsible track record includes conservative balance sheet management practices, liquid cash and substantial investments, and access to additional liquidity. Our credit ratings are among the highest among asset management firms.

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