Is Allianz Income and Growth fund a good investment?

Is Allianz Income and Growth fund a good investment?

Allianz income and growth morningstar

Good morning. My current portfolio is made up of 30% in the Carmignac Patrimoine A fund and the rest in extra-typical deposits, which mature in the coming months. Given the circumstances we all know and with the idea of increasing the % in funds to 50/60% I would invest in the Patrimoine or diversify with other funds to complement it? Thank you.

Thank you for your question and for participating in the digital meeting… Currently, two of the funds you mention, the Ibex 35 Orange Fund and the Eurostoxx 50 Orange Fund, have an Analyst Rating from Morningstar. Click on each fund to see a summary of our opinion on these funds, on which we have a neutral opinion (neither positive nor negative). On the other hand, from the Madrid office we are working to issue an Analyst Rating and report on the ING Direct FN Renta Fija, a fund managed by José Ignacio Victoriano (Renta 4 Gestora) since 2008. In general we think it is an interesting investment option, I invite you to check our website soon for our opinion on this product.


The value of the investment depends on the market value of the Mutual Fund’s assets and can lead to significant losses.  In order to have the possibility to obtain positive returns, it is necessary to assume higher risks.  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Investment Funds managed by Unigest, S.G.I.I.C., S.A. registered with the CNMV on 21/05/1992 under No. 154. Depositary: CECABANK, S.A. Investment Funds marketed through the Allfunds Bank platform.

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They allow the user to customize some features of the general options of the Web page (remember the language, the top level of the portal chosen if the user is an individual, company or self-employed and remember it on the next visit).

Seilern world growth

As a result, the new fund will invest globally, while Kapital Plus (and its Luxembourg version Allianz Capital Plus) concentrates on European stocks. The fund manager notes that, like its European counterpart, Allianz Capital Plus Global, it is managed by Marcus Stahlhacke.

On the equity side, the fund invests in companies around the world that, in the managers’ view, have a structural growth profile with good quality and attractive valuations. On the fixed-income side, the focus is on high-quality securities with an investment-grade rating of at least BBB-.


In line with our outlook for 2022, we made adjustments in February to global and domestic profiles, increasing exposure to value (reducing exposure to growth), and increasing exposure to Banks (in line with phase 1 of our adaptation plan):

Our Model Fund Portfolios (domestic and global) close January 2022 with returns ranging from -3.6% in the most defensive profiles to -8.8% in the most dynamic ones. On the global portfolios side, returns are between -4% (moderate profile) to -8% (dynamic profile) vs -5% MSCI World (€). These portfolios have been particularly affected by the Fed’s hawkish stance and the possibility that it may start to shrink its balance sheet (which particularly penalized the Technology sector). And, on the domestic portfolios side, returns ranged from -4% (defensive profile) to 9% (dynamic profile) vs -2.9% EuroStoxx-50, also affected by the withdrawal of stimulus by the ECB and by their exposure to growth stocks. In addition, both domestic and global portfolios and the market itself have been stressed by the Russia/Ukraine conflict, leading to an increase in the implied risk premium.

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