Does Franklin Templeton own Legg Mason?

Does Franklin Templeton own Legg Mason?

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6.  Good morning, Javier. -At the moment, everyone is betting on technology funds. What other types of funds should we have in our portfolio, apart from technology funds? thank you and best regards.

Good morning Samuel58. Thank you very much for your interest. Yes, the fund has recently performed poorly relative to its category, however the long-term results are still good, and the fund’s vocation is to look for good long-term investment opportunities by taking advantage of its flexibility to invest in fixed income and currencies. It can be a good complement to portfolios as it has a low correlation with other funds in its category.

9.  Good morning Javier, could you recommend a fixed income fund, a flexible mixed equity fund, a European equity fund and a US equity fund? My intention is to make contributions in these products at the present time, if you consider it appropriate. Thank you.

12.  Good morning, In the very long term, for a young person with tolerance to market fluctuations: – What % of the portfolio would you allocate to equities? – Within the equity, in which funds would you recommend to be in, and what %? Thank you very much

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“Gracias a una sólida disciplina de gastos, nos animamos a ver un segundo trimestre consecutivo de aumentos significativos de los ingresos netos, incluso cuando los reembolsos netos han continuado”, dijo Greg Johnson, presidente y consejero delegado de Franklin Resources, Inc. “Estamos haciendo un fuerte progreso en nuestras importantes áreas de enfoque a largo plazo, incluyendo las recientemente anunciadas adquisiciones de Athena Capital y Pennsylvania Trust, que ampliarán Fiduciary Trust, nuestro negocio de alto patrimonio, en casi un 50% en activos bajo gestión.”

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No obstante me preocupa como financian está compra. Ben es una empresa modélica, con balance robusto, sin deuda y acostumbrada a recomprar acciones. No sé si con esta compra estos criterios cambiarán. Esperemos que si lo hace sólo sea temporalmente.

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Key Facts:Rogers’ father, Edward S. Rogers Jr. was a pioneer in the Canadian communications industry establishing Rogers Communications in 1967 and was the fifth richest person in Canada by net worth when he died in 2009. Blue Jays President and CEO Mark Shapiro manages the day-to-day operations of the team.Advertisement.

Note: Team values are based on the Forbes 2020 list. Net worth for individual owners was selected from Forbes,, Celebrity Net Worth, Bloomberg and Canadian Business.

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Rogers’ strategies will be available in the short and medium term thanks to the index launched by BBVA and Citic Carbon Asset Management, the Rogers Global Resources Equity Index (RGREI). This index invests in natural resource companies in different sectors, both traditional (such as mining and energy) and alternative (solar and wind energy), which will be selected by Rogers.

In fixed income, Bill Gross, chief investment officer of Pimco, the world’s largest bond fund, stands out. In equities is where more options arise for the investor. Bill Miller, of Legg Mason, is one of them, for those who want to bet on North American equities. Franklin Templeton’s Mark Mobius is one of the most respected managers in emerging markets.

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