Do you get SDP on universal credit?

Sisbén stratification

3) For those workers included in article 38 N°7 of the Labor Code who work in shopping malls, centers or commercial complexes managed under the same company name or legal personality, the 19.12.2021 constitutes a mandatory holiday.

4) The duration of the rest corresponding to the day of the election is governed by the provisions of Article 36 of the Labor Code, consequently, the rest shall begin no later than 21:00 hours on Saturday, 18.12.2021 and end at least at 06:00 hours on Monday, 20.12. 2021, unless the respective workers are subject to rotating work shifts, in which case they may work between 21:00 hours and 24:00 hours on Saturday, 18.12.2021 and between 0:00 hours and 06:00 hours on Monday, 20.12.2021, provided that the shift falls within these time periods.

5) All workers who, by the nature of their duties, are exempted from rest on Sundays and holidays, shall work on 19.12.2021. However, this type of worker has the right to be absent from work for at least two hours, without his absence meaning a reduction in his remuneration, and without the employer being able to prevent or hinder the worker’s attendance to cast his vote.

Up strata

Depression Non-Contributory PayContentsNon-Contributory Pension ukYou may be able to claim the new Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) along with, or instead of, Universal Credit, depending on your Social Security record. The rest of this section refers to the new type of ESA, which has replaced contributory ESA for new claimants.

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If you are already entitled to contributory ESA or income-related ESA, as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements, you may continue to receive it. If you apply for contributory ESA, you will switch to Universal Credit.

Sisbén and estrato are the same thing

590.It is also generally accepted that visible minorities and persons with disabilities have greater difficulty in participating fully and equally in British Columbia’s workforce. The province is particularly concerned with facilitating access to employment opportunities for First Nations. More information on B.C.’s four employment equity groups (women, First Nations, persons with disabilities and visible minorities) is available on the B.C. Statistics BC website at

591.An interesting development during the reporting period was British Columbia’s participation in the Canada-British Columbia Infrastructure Works Program, signed on February 18, 1994 and extended on April 18, 1997. The first phase of the program generated some 400 community improvement projects involving 9,000 jobs. The second phase, announced in 1997, generated more than 200 projects and more than 2,600 jobs. Details are available online at

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