Do I have to pay Canton city income tax?

Do I have to pay Canton city income tax?

Swiss Income Tax

Liquid Taxable Income- The income produced in the Canton of Siquirres by the patentees, to which the tax established by Law No 837 of December 20, 1946 and its reforms (Income Tax Law) is applicable.

Gross Sales- The volume of sales obtained by the patentee in the exercise of the lucrative activities authorized by the municipal license during the fiscal period made the deduction established by the Sales Tax Law.

Determining factors of the taxation: are the taxable net income and the annual gross sales or income received by the individuals or legal entities subject to the tax, during the previous fiscal period being taxed.

License or Patent: The authorization that, upon request of the interested party, is granted by the Municipality to exercise any lucrative activity in its jurisdiction, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 7288, as well as Article No. 79 of the Municipal Code.

Commercial Patent: Right of exploitation in time, according to its validity in the authorization of approval that grants it and the laws and Regulations that give it foundation, of a certain lucrative activity in the area of influence of the Municipality.

How much tax an employee pays in Switzerland

Taxable persons carrying on business in more than one canton shall file the tax return in the canton where they have their principal place of business, specifying the percentage of income earned in each of the cantons where they have branches, and on the basis of such percentages shall determine the value of the tax due in each Municipality.

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It is an obligation arising from past events, the existence of which has a certain degree of uncertainty, indicating that such obligation is not one hundred percent certain but may occur in the foreseeable future.

Taxes in Switzerland for companies

“Carrying out any transaction of an apartment or house entails a series of additional costs, these pertain to the taxes that must be paid and which are variable in each area of the country. Hence the importance of being properly advised,” said Juan José Solórzano CEO and Co-Founder of Tu Cantón.

On the other hand, if you live in Mexico City, you have the option of participating in the Jornada Notarial social program, which offers significant reductions in taxes, duties and notary fees on deeds. Keep up to date with the calendar for the 2019 Jornada Notarial on the official website of the National College of Mexican Notaries.

Whether you are buying a home or have a property for sale, you should be well informed about the requirements for both cases. Being well advised is a key factor to make a good investment in real estate.

Paying taxes in Switzerland

At the national level, the discussion about the need and function of taxes is endless, but in the case of local governments, it is clear that, if the services financed at the local level by property tax and service fees are of good quality, and it is communicated to the citizens that it is precisely with those funds that these services are financed, the evidence and the message have a positive impact on the citizens’ minds. And this relationship is visible in terms of local economic development and quality of life of the inhabitants.

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The literature and empirical evidence indicate that property tax is the local tax par excellence, and it has the advantage of being relatively easy to collect. The tax base is visible, immovable and tends to reflect the taxpayer’s ability to pay.