Who regulates EPC certificates?

Who regulates EPC certificates?

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Obtaining the energy efficiency certificate is very easy with Epc-Spain.com. You can proceed directly to the online contracting. We propose below a list of frequently asked questions received by our customers about their energy performance certificate and if you do not find the answer you are looking for, you can request it in the following form.

Who can issue an energy performance certificate? According to the Royal Decree “energy performance certificates must be issued by qualified professional technicians who are authorized to carry out construction projects and thermal installations of buildings. The owner can choose the technician of his choice”.

It is a report that describes the degree of efficiency that a house has in terms of energy consumption and also gives recommendations on how to save money and make your home more efficient. It assigns an energy rating to each house on a scale ranging from “A” (the best) to “G” (the worst).

Processing of energy certificates

The Energy Rating of Buildings is the official mechanism, both at national and European level, for evaluation and comparison of energy efficiency and integration of renewable energies in buildings.

The general lines of this mechanism are dictated at European level through the various directives on the energy efficiency of buildings and are regulated in particular at national level by royal decree.

The first requirements for the energy rating of buildings were originally established in Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of December 16, 2002, and were transposed at the national level in Royal Decree 47/2007, of January 19, 2007, approving a basic procedure for the certification of the energy efficiency of newly constructed buildings.

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Subsequently, Directive 2002/91/EC was amended by Directive 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 May 2010 on the energy performance of buildings, which led to the repeal of the Royal Decree, incorporating the new features of the new directive and extending its scope to all buildings, including existing ones.

Energy certificate

In question 1, where it says that it is issued by the General Directorate of Traffic, I think that would be the one in charge of convening the courses as well as the Ministry of the Interior, but the one that issues it I think is the Provincial Traffic Headquarters, I went there to pick up my certificate and pay the corresponding fee.

But… Angel, haven’t you noticed that the person who signs the certificate is the Director General of Traffic himself?    Another thing is that to save postal expenses, when sending the certificate to the interested parties, they send them to the corresponding headquarters and that each one picks it up on their own and pays at the counter. Remember that the invention of an account has been done now for the directors.

Home energy certification

Energy certification focused on existing buildings is an issue that has been required by law for a short time. The precedent was in the new construction since 2007 so it may take more time for everyone in general, certifiers and owners, have a clear understanding of what an energy certificate is and what it is for.

After approving the RD 235/2013 that regulates the certification of both new and existing work, plans have been approved focused on rehabilitation in general, including energy rehabilitation, and some specific on this topic. The purpose of all of them is the improvement of energy efficiency, through grants and subsidies, focused on residential building, and that carry out works of this type. We have discussed them in previous posts: Housing Plan 2013-16, Pima Sol Plan and Plan for the energy rehabilitation of the residential sector. All of them include the energy certificate as part of the documentation to be attached in the application process for these grants.

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