Where are fire escape windows required?

Where are fire escape windows required?

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Being well informed implies knowing how to act with certainty in the face of disasters and makes it possible to acquire the equipment and supplies that can help us save our lives sufficiently in advance. For this, it is essential to know the indications of those responsible for the National Civil Protection System who, in coordination with the State and Municipal Civil Protection units, help to ensure that the operational programs of each federal entity are timely and effective.

What is a disaster? How to prepare for it? What to do in the different stages of a cyclone, a flood, an earthquake, a frost or a fire? What is a temporary shelter?  These topics are addressed below, including a list of essential emergency supplies.

The Ministry of the Interior has a special interest in disseminating basic support elements for the daily work carried out in favor of the civil protection of the inhabitants of our country.

Types of fire ventilation

The objective of this procedure is to provide a suitable means, known by all, to act efficiently and quickly in case of an emergency (fire, collapse, explosion, gas leak, bomb threat, etc.).

4 – 3) People as a whole must be aware of avoiding any attitude that may cause panic; either through shouting or desperate gestures “Remain calm in a risky situation.

4 – 4) Those who observe any abnormality (smoke, fire, gas leakage, etc.) shall give immediate intervention to the personnel responsible for establishing the guidelines to be followed to solve the problem.

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4 – 5) No comment shall be made about the abnormality observed, until the intervening personnel deems it necessary, in order to start the evacuation without misrepresenting the magnitude of the event.

4 – 7) In case of evacuation, it shall be carried out following the instructions of the competent personnel, keeping the maximum order and moving on foot, never running and in single file.

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“It’s too early to say what could have been the cause. It is always assumed that it could have been the electrical system, but further work has to be done to really determine the cause,” he told the radio station.

Buzó emphasized the danger of ammonia, which can cause health problems and even death. For this reason, it is recommended to all the inhabitants to evacuate the area and to the people to look for another sector to circulate.

The director of Fire Prevention of the municipality warned about a culture that is being installed of waiting for the competent authority to go to the site to make the inspection and then make the improvements, without doing the preventive maintenance in advance.

Ammonia (NH3), also called ammonium gas or formulated as nitrogen trihydride, is a chemical compound with a strong and unpleasant aroma and is usually found as a colorless gas. Its use is quite wide, as it can be both domestic and industrial.

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For commercial use in all grouping of premises of medium and high special risk whose total built surface exceeds 1000 m2, mobile extinguishers of 50 Kg of powder, distributed at the rate of one extinguisher for every 1000 m2 of surface that exceeds that limit or fraction.

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The location of the extinguishers will allow them to be easily visible and accessible, will be located near the points where it is considered most likely to start the fire, if possible near the evacuation exits and preferably on supports fixed to vertical walls, so that the top of the extinguisher is, at most, 1.70 meters above the ground.

The dry column system will be composed of water inlet on the facade or in an area easily accessible to the fire department, with the indication of exclusive use of firefighters, provided with Siamese connection, with built-in keys and fittings of 70 mm with cap and bleeder key 25 mm, rising column of galvanized steel pipe and nominal diameter of 80 mm, outlets on the even floors to the eighth and all from this, provided with Siamese connection, with built-in keys and fittings of 45 mm with cap; Every fourth floor will be fitted with an isolating tap above the corresponding floor outlet.

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