What is the legal requirement for emergency light testing?

What is the legal requirement for emergency light testing?

How many emergency lights per m2

That having complied with the procedure established in the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization for the preparation of draft Mexican Official Standards, the President of the National Consultative Committee on Standardization for the Preservation and Rational Use of Energy Resources, ordered the publication of the Draft Mexican Official Standard PROY-NOM-030-ENER-2016, Luminous efficacy of integrated light-emitting diode (led) lamps for general lighting. Limits and test methods; which was done in the Official Journal of the Federation on July 21, 2016, in order for interested parties to submit their comments to the aforementioned Consultative Committee that proposed it;

That the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization establishes that Mexican Official Standards are constituted as the suitable instrument for the pursuit of these objectives, the following Mexican Official Standard NOM-030-ENER-2016, Luminous efficacy of integrated light-emitting diode (led) lamps for general lighting. Limits and test methods.

Emergency lighting for companies

According to current regulations, in the event of failure of conventional lighting, there must be emergency lighting to provide users with the necessary and sufficient visibility so that they can leave the building safely and calmly.

This regulation extends the requirement for emergency luminaires to offices and commercial premises, warehouses or homeowners’ associations, as well as workplaces where a lighting failure could compromise the safety of workers.

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A distinction is also made between permanent and non-permanent emergency luminaires. While the former remain on at all times and are intended for recreational activities, shows, etc., the latter are the most frequent and are only activated in the event of failure of conventional lighting. For more information you can consult our entry on Types of emergency lighting.

The installation is very similar to that of any other type of luminaire. Once fixed to the wall and inserted the colored conduits in the corresponding terminals, mounted and activated the current, the battery will be recharged by means of the electricity of the network.

How to calculate the number of emergency lights

1.1. The minimum intensity of illumination, measured on the working plane, whether horizontal, vertical or oblique, is established in Table 1, according to the difficulty of the visual task, and in Table 2, according to the destination of the premises.

The average illuminance shall be determined by taking the arithmetic mean of the general illuminance considered in the whole room, and the minimum illuminance shall be the lowest illuminance value on the working surfaces or on a horizontal plane at 0.80 m. from the floor. This procedure shall not apply to places of transit, personnel entrance or exit or emergency lighting.

In order for the emergency lights to work, the radio is needed 1

The DGT is expected to publish next January the process by which it will proceed with the certification of those V16 lights that comply with the characteristics of luminosity and connectivity. From February, manufacturers will be able to go to the technical services responsible for certification to submit their prototypes to the defined tests and check that they comply with the regulations.

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The added protection offered by the beacon is that it does not require leaving the car to place it. To have it always at hand, it can be carried in the glove compartment or the door opening, so that you only have to take it, put your arm out of the window and place it on the roof or on the side of the vehicle.

Luminous intensity: the intensity must be between 40 and 80 effective candelas at grade 0, and a minimum of 25 candelas at grades ±8. In both cases, this intensity shall be maintained for at least 30 minutes.

Power supply: the power supply of the device shall be autonomous through a battery that shall guarantee its use after 18 months. Devices using a rechargeable battery and provided that it can be charged in the vehicle itself shall be considered as complying with this requirement.

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