What is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1977?

What is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1977?

Rd 486 97 technical guide

Collective rights. Although labor has existed since almost the beginning of mankind, these rights appear with liberalism and more precisely, as a consequence of the capitalist production system. With the advent of this mode of production, people moved to cities that were not prepared to receive such immigration and lacked, among other things, housing, drinking water and sewage systems, giving rise to overcrowding in the cities, whose problems gave rise to what was called the “Social Question”. On the other hand, liberalism upheld the principle of formal equality, i.e., that all humans were equal and free by the mere fact that the law so provided. And its consequence was that all prices should be regulated by the law of supply and demand. The relationship between workers and employers was of a commercial nature and therefore the same principle applied to all the conditions of the contract.

Contrary to the law that considered it a crime to interfere between supply and demand, workers began to join in coalitions to demand decent working conditions, which, being considered a crime because it artificially altered the law of supply and demand, were repressed, giving rise to collective labor disputes, attracted the attention of social doctrines and intellectuals and, among other things, gave rise to the feasts that today are commemorative of labor (May 1, March 8).

Decree 486

Pursuant to Article 6 of this Law, it will be the regulatory standards that will establish and specify the more technical aspects of the preventive measures, through minimum standards that guarantee the adequate protection of workers. Among these are necessarily those aimed at guaranteeing health and safety on construction sites.

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By virtue thereof, in accordance with Article 6 of Law 31/1995, of November 8, 1995, on the Prevention of Occupational Risks, at the joint proposal of the Ministers of Labor and Social Affairs, of Development, of the Environment, and of Industry and Energy, having consulted the most representative business and trade union organizations, having heard the National Commission on Safety and Health at Work, in agreement with the Council of State and following deliberation by the Council of Ministers at its meeting held on October 24, 1997,

1. This Royal Decree establishes, within the framework of Law 31/1995 of November 8, 1995, on the Prevention of Occupational Risks, the minimum safety and health provisions applicable to construction work.

Law 31

When the worksite is part of a state or local government, NIOSH’s authority is more limited than for the private and federal sectors. Employer cooperation may be necessary before NIOSH can make an assessment.

* Employers in the federal sector may wish to explore services available through the Division of Federal Occupational Health (DFOH), which maintains an office in each federal region. State and local government employers may be eligible for assistance under the OSHA Consultation Program operating in their respective states. The state or local health department may also be able to assist with occupational safety and health issues.

When NIOSH decides that a telephone consultation or site visit is needed, a project manager is assigned. Usually within 4 to 6 weeks, the project manager contacts the person who sent the request.

Regulation rd 486 97

The existence in Cuba of inadequacies in the occupational safety and health management systems (OSHMS) in the companies may be due to the occurrence of incidents and accidents at work with repercussions on their social responsibility. In this sense, the purpose of this research is the study of OSHMS, an issue of great importance for the business sector, since at present, in the international business environment, it is a parameter to determine whether a company is socially responsible, so our country is not alien to these requirements in the business context.

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The evident structural lacking in our Security and Health in Labor Supporting Systems in enterprises remains being the direct consequence of accidents and incidents of or in occasion of labor with the corresponding influence in the social responsibility of these institutions. Therefore, this research aims to the objective of setting a real study of these systems so it could be definitely identified if they effectively contribute to qualify as socially responsible enterprises.