What is the best time to catch flounder?

What is the best time to catch flounder?

Best month to fish for bass

As with fishing for redfish, largemouth bass or any other species of fish (whether freshwater or saltwater), having an idea of where the fish are located is the best way to get started with your flounder fishing expedition. And since flounders are saltwater fish, you’ll find them distributed or concentrated near shorelines, estuaries, creeks and rivers. In any case, these flatfish will stay on sandy or muddy sea bottoms to better hide from both predators and prey.

Aside from that, flounders also tend to hold and hide in areas where the current breaks such as rocks, reefs, sandbars and even stream mouths. Some flounder even cluster around structures such as docks and bridges. However, most anglers report success fishing for flounder near ledges and drop-offs, as these locations allow them to ambush their prey.

During low tides or when water clarity in shallow water is excellent, you can look for flounder tracks (flounder leave tracks in their wake whenever they move across sandy bottoms) and follow them to determine where the fish are or where they will be. once they return at high tide.

What to fish in August

The fish aren’t biting.  The water is cold and not warming up because the sun is low and the rays are bouncing off the water.  But don’t go home yet, because winter is over and the fish are hungry and spawning.

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The fish are biting from time to time.  The water is starting to warm up because the rays are starting to penetrate the water.  Remember to fish offshore downwind as the winds push the warm surface water along with the surface food to that area.

The fishing is excellent.  The sun is directly overhead for several hours and the water becomes more comfortable near the surface.  This creates good seasonal fishing because the fish are putting on weight for the winter. Throw bait where the larger fish are most likely to be.

Early in this process, the fish will hold in the shallow areas of the pond where the water warms faster, and where the first plant growth of spring occurs.

Fishing season 2020 2021 chile

But, of course, not all fish and shellfish can be caught in this other, more respectful way with the seabed: if we want shrimp or crayfish, we have no choice but to use trawling. Which is, by the way, the gear that leaves the biggest ecological footprint.

His fellow countryman Juan Carlos Iglesias, partner of Grup Iglesias, agrees and adds: “Norway lobster has practically disappeared in Galicia. In the end, the quantities and limitations in the fishing quotas are given by the assumption of the amount of genus that there is”. Although this is a way of guaranteeing that future and also that we can eat the fish and seafood we need when we need it. And benefit nutritionally.

“Fish in season is usually, especially if it’s oily fish, at its optimal fat dosage. This is when the fish is at its ideal weight and maturity. And, therefore, it will also be more nutritious,” specifies Magda Carlas, medical nutritionist. “When sardines, for example, are at their best, they have more fat than when they are out of season. In that sense, it will provide us with more heart-healthy fats. And this type of fish also has its muscular part, which is what we eat more at its peak and, therefore, there is more protein contribution”.

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What is the best time to fish in the river?

The Atlantic coast of Río Negro along its 400 km of extension offers different types of coasts, alternating low and sandy areas with ravine sectors that sometimes form large cliffs interrupted by the mouths of rivers and streams.

Of the different alternatives offered by the coast for the enthusiast, fishing from the beach enjoys greater popularity than that practiced from natural elevations, piers or breakwaters. It is not in vain that during the summer season there is a remarkable concentration of anglers waiting for a bite.

Balneario Las Grutas: varied fishing is practiced in different sectors according to the high tides. The most important contest of the place takes place in the summer season, between the 3 and 6 drop-offs, with night catches of roosterfish, mackerel, ray, dogfish, sole and stickfish.

Sea to the South: we find in Las Coloradas, El Buque, El Tanque and El Sótano sites of singular beauty and varied species of the above mentioned. It is advisable to fish in the hours before and after high tide, and given its geography it does not cause any inconvenience to fishermen due to its rocky bottom.

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