What is FAR compliance?

What is FAR compliance?

Far Day in Cuba

Despite the good prognosis for the negotiation, the challenges remain enormous, as some of the thorniest issues have been left to the end. In addition, any agreement between the government and the guerrillas must obtain the approval of the citizenry, in a highly polarized country where the most pro-guerrilla and anti-negotiation sectors are willing to show and mobilize their opposition to an agreement that they consider unfairly equates the army and the guerrillas and allows impunity for the latter.

Secondly, the future success of the agreements depends to a great extent on a good management and understanding of the timing, differentiating well the actions to be carried out in the period immediately after the signing of the agreements, or post-agreement and post-conflict.

Finally, and depending on the above, there is the financing of the post-conflict. A process of this magnitude has costs that are difficult to assume for the country’s budget and requires concentrating a significant amount of resources in certain areas of the nation.

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Risky and long voyage of 1,235 miles. The Granma hits mud and stops 60 meters from shore. Disembarkation of men and weapons. Hard advance through the water over shifting mud that threatened to swallow the men (…) December 2, 1956, that day when the struggle begun on July 26, 1953 was resumed.

A revolutionary army needs a leader and needs revolutionary instructors.  That is to say, it needs the man who is the guardian of the ideal, who is the guardian of discipline, who is the guardian of the revolutionary conduct and the moral conduct of the soldier (…) You are, above all, the example for the combatants.

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This Friday, Colonel Eugenio Suarez Perez Perez died in Havana. A member of the Eastern Army, participant in the fight against bandits, teacher in FAR institutions, with higher military studies and a doctorate in the USSR, he founded the Editorial Verde Olivo and directed several publications.

Exceptional situations in cuba pdf

The main purpose of the following pages is to present the most important elements of the Peace Agreement2 signed by the guerrilla of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Government of Colombia. An Agreement that, actually, is a second Agreement, inasmuch as the final text was subject to a series of modifications -with few substantial exceptions-, which resulted from the rejection to the first text raised by the Colombian society, in an adjusted manner, when voting against it in the plebiscite of October 2, 2016.

Thus, the most characteristic elements of each point will be presented, incorporating additional nuances and explanations that seek to complete the scope of what was subscribed to, by way of corollary, to close with a brief conclusion that raises what horizon is presented on Colombia in relation to the new scenario of armed post-conflict that represents the implementation of the Peace Agreement.

Thus, since the beginning of 2011 informally and since October 2012 formally, a peace dialogue process has been underway with the aim of putting an end to an armed conflict with the FARC, which in its more than half a century of life, together with other actors involved, has left figures that speak for themselves: 60,000 missing persons, 30,000 kidnappings, 13,000 victims of sexual violence, 220,000 deaths (Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica, 2013).

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Illnesses that prevent military service in Cuba

WHEREAS: Taking into account the current policy outlined in Law No. 105 “On Social Security”, dated December 27, 2008, as well as the level of economic-social development achieved by our Socialist State, it is necessary to perfect the Social Security system established in Decree Law No. 101 “On Social Security of the Revolutionary Armed Forces”, as amended by Decree Law No. 222 “On Social Security of the Revolutionary Armed Forces”, dated February 27, 1988. 101 “On Social Security of the Revolutionary Armed Forces”, of February 24, 1988, as amended by Decree Law No. 222, of August 14, 2001, through the enactment of a new legal regulation that responds to the current requirements and guarantees, based on the characteristics of this institution, an adequate treatment to the military and his family.

g) Commission of Military Medical Expertise: The one empowered by the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces to establish the degree of disability (total or partial) in military service, for the purpose of granting the pension determined for that cause.

ARTICLE 6. The military, military pensioners, widows, widowers and orphans of both parents may receive more than one Social Security pension to which they are entitled, which they shall receive unified and in a single means of payment.

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