What happens if you dont get building regs?

Mexico 2020 Construction Regulations

Central Office: Phone 809-565-2811 central, Ext. 2212, 4093 and 3154 North Cibao Regional Office: Phone 809-582-2121 central, Ext. 4055, 1693 and 2212 Northeast Cibao Regional Office: Central Telephone 809-588-2270, Ext. 224 and 225 South Cibao Regional Office: Central Telephone 809-537-0044

Cost: RD$6,000.00 Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Delivery time: 45 working days Service delivery channel: Online Access to the Service: Access the service here.

For all types of construction: 1. Access the Plan Processing portal and register if you have not done so previously. 2. Fill out the Construction License Application Form and attach the required documentation. 3. Make corrections if required by the technical areas. 4. Wait for the approvals of all the technical areas.

This information is also available at the Government Contact Center (GCC). If you wish to speak to a person, you can call free of charge from anywhere in the country and from any telephone belonging to any telephone company by dialing *462 (*GOB) Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For more information about the Governmental Contact Center you can visit this link

Construction regulations in mexico

In response to a request made by one of our readers about the accessibility of the internal regulations in condominiums, Gente de Cabecera magazine consulted with experts on the subject to respond to the requests.

Finally, attending to the punctual question about the possibility of a council member requesting it to instruct the other members of this body, the expert recalled the role of council members within the horizontal property.

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“It is necessary to remember that the members of the board of directors are so, only when there is a meeting. When the meeting of the board ends, they recover their quality of owners and cannot allude to their investiture as board members, simply because they do not have it while there is no session”, he pointed out.

If you have any doubts or want to know more details about horizontal property issues, please send them to [email protected] or [email protected] vanguardia.com and experts will clarify them.

Building regulations colombia

Decree 2114/1968, of July 24, 1968, approving the Regulations for the application of the Law on Official Protection Housing, rewritten text approved by Decrees 2131/1963, of July 24, and 3964/1964, of December 3, 1964.

Having approved the revised text of the Law on Officially Protected Housing by Decrees two thousand one hundred and thirty-one/thousand nine hundred and sixty-three of July twenty-fourth, and three thousand nine hundred and sixty-four/thousand nine hundred and sixty-four, of December third (rectified), it is necessary to issue the Regulations for its application.

By virtue thereof, at the proposal of the Minister of Housing, in substantial conformity with the opinion of the Council of State and after deliberation of the Council of Ministers at its meeting of June fourteenth, nineteen hundred and sixty, it is necessary to issue the Regulations for their application.

The regime of official protection for the construction of housing, the use, conservation and exploitation thereof, is regulated by the prescriptions of the rewritten text of the Legislation on Official Protection Housing, approved by Decree 2131/1963, of July 24, modified by Decree 3964/1964, of December 3 (hereinafter referred to as the Law on Official Protection Housing), in compliance with the final provision of the Law of December 23, 1961, and by those contained in these Regulations.

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House construction rules

Abstract: For the development of a construction work it is necessary to know the different rules that must be taken into account. In 2015, the national Government compiled a large number of decrees to unify in a single rule the different aspects.

In May 2015, the national Government compiled a large number of decrees to unify in a single standard the different aspects of a sector of the economy, usually headed by a Ministry.

It has the advantage of having in a single document the norms of the sector, but its great extension makes it unmanageable because it contains more than 1200 articles, more than 800 pages and regulates too many laws.

This standard compiles decrees that regulate the aspects of urban planning and construction licenses for any project that includes buildings in the country and details other criteria. Some of the requirements to be taken into account are:

Responsibility clarification note: The observations contained in this document are of an informative nature and should be applied and/or evaluated by the builder or user only in case they are considered pertinent. Therefore, these observations do not commit Argos, its subsidiaries or its subordinates.

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