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Subsequently, the United States became the leader in terms of Bitcoin (BTC) mining volume, with a 35.4% share. The modest Kazakhstan ranked second (18.1%) and the bronze position was occupied by Russia (11.23%).

Vitaliy Borshenko, co-founder of industrial mining operator BitCluster, is confident that even with high energy consumption, mining in Russia will find support not only from private companies, but also from the authorities:

There are already rules and regulations governing the circulation of cryptocurrencies in the Russian market. But, as in many other countries, there are problems with regulating cryptocurrencies, as the sector is very young and not all regulators are familiar with it.

However, the state does not have a mechanism to track the profits derived from cryptocurrencies. When this law is applied to ordinary users, a person who wants to store Bitcoin and tells no one about it, can do so safely thanks to the anonymity of the network. Anonymization occurs when cryptocurrencies are exchanged for rubles, dollars or any other fiat currency, which makes it possible for the state to intervene in these transactions and place obstacles.

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Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska has once again called on the Russian government to stop ignoring Bitcoin (BTC) after the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his homes in Washington and New York.

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In a Telegram post on Thursday, Deripaska argued that the Bank of Russia has been “childish in ignoring the growing cryptocurrency market,” while the U.S. Treasury Department has been “particularly investing in this direction.”

The billionaire emphasized that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have enormous potential not only to help Russia avoid U.S. sanctions, but also to weaken the U.S. dollar, stating:

“The United States had long realized that uncontrolled digital payments are capable not only of nullifying the effectiveness of the entire economic sanctions mechanism, but also of bringing down the dollar as a whole.”

“This means that the development of the non-state-controlled cryptocurrency market may put the US Treasury in front of a possible default due to its $30 trillion debt,” Deripaska argued.

Jersey Cattle: High Yielding in Milk Production

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Jack Reacher (previously titled One Shot) is a 2012 American thriller film. It is an adaptation of the novel One Shot, written by Lee Child. Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, the film stars Tom Cruise as the title character. It went into production in October 2011 and wrapped in January 2012. It was filmed entirely in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The film was originally scheduled for release in the United States on December 15, but was delayed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre on December 14. It was finally released in North America on December 21 and in the UK on December 26, 2012.

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THE ARMY OF THE DEAD Spanish Trailer

Human intervention on the geographic space. It usually refers to actions on the physical environment and includes both negative interventions (overexploitation, pollution, destruction, etc.) and those aimed at its protection, conservation or restoration.

Agricultural production systems that seek the highest yield based on the area exploited (extensive) or on the technification of production (intensive). The latter requires greater investment than the former.

Set of industries linked to agriculture. It is also the economic activity dedicated to the production, industrialization and commercialization of agricultural, forestry and other biological natural resources products.

Center of action with high atmospheric pressure (above 1013 millibars, which is the average pressure at sea level). In them the air masses descend and, in the northern hemisphere, move clockwise, generating stable weather. They can have a dynamic origin (such as the Azores anticyclone, which affects the Iberian Peninsula in summer) or a thermal origin (such as the Eurosiberian anticyclone, which affects the Iberian Peninsula in winter).

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