What does DSEAR stand for?

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Something as simple as wanting other people to be happy can have a great impact on our own happiness. There is a saying “do good without looking at whom”, which can also be rephrased as ‘wish for happiness’. The simple act of projecting positive thoughts improves our brain chemistry.

Probably if we had never thought about the consequences that this attitude has, it could be complicated to think about how to deal with it, how to manage it or how to start thinking about it more. To do this the most important thing would be to change our internal dialogue and above all to focus more on the emotional approach. It would be an exercise of moving from internal negativity to generate that mental effort to project kindness, resulting in increased empathy and feelings of social connection.

What it means to desire

to never lose the light of hope in the risen Christ, who is able to transform reality and make all things new; to live in a simple and concrete way the love of God in the city, in the neighborhoods, in the communities, in the families: “As I have loved you, so love one another”.

12. Bearing in mind that, by becoming a party to the Optional Protocol, the State party has recognized the competence of the Committee to determine whether there has been a violation of the Covenant or not and that, pursuant to article 2 of the Covenant, the State party has undertaken to ensure to all individuals within its territory or subject to its jurisdiction the rights recognized in the Covenant and to ensure to all individuals within its territory or subject to its jurisdiction the rights recognized in the Covenant, and that, in accordance with article 2 of the Covenant, the State party has undertaken to ensure to all individuals within its territory or subject to its jurisdiction the rights recognized in the Covenant, and

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(possibly because the social reality is almost always ahead of the legal-positive reality), such as the concept of worker, so that it includes all real modalities, the problems arising from productive decentralization or outsourcing, the concept of the role of wage or labor dependence versus economic dependence, or even the proper use of the institution of guarantee.

Wish or desire

As an operations manager, you are aware of the existence of potentially explosive atmospheres that can ignite under certain conditions. To ensure the safety of working environments, employers are required to classify them into zones and carry out a risk assessment. By respecting these classifications, it is possible to identify the type of tools that can be used safely in each zone.

The ATEX 137 directive provides employers with guidance on how to specify the different zones. This area classification is based on the frequency and duration of occurrence of an explosive atmosphere, including gases, vapors and vapours.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a reference work on controlling exposure to explosive atmospheres, nor a legal advice guide for your company to comply with local regulations. Instead, it provides basic information to help you better understand how to address some important points. This information is not equivalent to legal advice provided by a lawyer in applying the law to your company’s specific circumstances, so we urge you to consult a lawyer if you want advice on the interpretation of this information or its accuracy. In short, you should not take this document as legal advice, nor as a private legal recommendation.

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We wish to signify

The National Plan for Purification, Sanitation, Efficiency, Savings and Reuse (DSEAR Plan), is a governance instrument that aims to incorporate, in the water plans of the third cycle (2022-2027), improved procedures and work methodologies aligned and focused on meeting the objectives of water planning, mainly in the areas of purification, sanitation and reuse of reclaimed wastewater. The Plan reviews the strategies and actions that define the water policy in these areas, seeking to align them with the community policies related to the European Green Pact, and the national policies of the ecological transition and the demographic challenge.

In parallel, and in accordance with the provisions of Law 21/2013, of December 9, on environmental assessment, the DSEAR Plan has been subject to an ordinary strategic environmental assessment. As a result of the same, the strategic environmental statement was published in the BOE of June 18, 2021. This document establishes the environmental determinations that allow to improve the integration of these environmental aspects in the Plan.

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