What do you have to declare at customs in Sweden?

What do you have to declare at customs in Sweden?

Customs restrictions in Spain

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Customs Spain Tobacco

Whenever you enter or leave a country and are carrying goods – money, merchandise, electronic equipment, among others – you should consider whether they must be declared at customs. To help you choose where to go, this page explains your rights and duties.

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Requirements for exporting to Sweden

Customs is an official body that deals with the regulation of all activity associated with the entry and exit of goods, persons and capital into and out of a country. Basically, their mission is to carry out fiscal, health, safety and security controls and international trade statistics.

They are located at strategic points such as borders, coasts, airports and railway terminals. In addition to managing entries and exits, they are also responsible for collecting taxes imposed by law.

Customs end up conditioning in some way the course of international shipments, either with a delay in delivery times or with an increase in the price of the products. Who should pay customs expenses?

Before making any international shipment, we recommend that you find out about the restrictions and taxes imposed by each customs office. This way you will avoid delays in delivery times.

Whether you plan to sell your products abroad or you are sending a package to a relative, you must inform the recipient about their obligations, which include the payment of customs duties at destination.

How many bottles of wine can I bring to Spain?

Now, to make sure that the products are for your personal use, EU customs authorities may be interested in a number of things: whether you are a business owner or employee, how the products are packaged and transported, and so on. They will also want to know the quantity of goods you are carrying.

If the customs authorities suspect that the goods you are transporting are not for your personal use or are for resale, they may require you to prove otherwise (e.g. by providing proof of purchase). If you cannot provide sufficient proof, they may require you to pay customs duties or seize the goods.

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If you plan to bring 10,000 euros or more in cash (or its equivalent in other currencies) into or out of the EU, you must declare this to the customs authorities. If you fail to do so, they can hold the money and fine you. Remember that they can also carry out individual checks or checks on your luggage or vehicle.

If you want to travel between EU countries carrying 10,000 euros or more in cash (or its equivalent in other currencies), check whether you must declare it to the customs authorities of the countries of departure, destination and transit.