What do you do if you identify an underground storage tank?

What do you do if you identify an underground storage tank?

Concrete Drinking Water Storage Tanks

What is a perspective? Perspectives are different frameworks from which to explore the knowledge around sustainable sanitation and water management. Perspectives are like filters: they compile and structure the information that relate to a given focus theme, region or context. This allows you to quickly navigate to the content of your particular interest while promoting the holistic understanding of sustainable sanitation and water management.

CARE International in Ecuador / AVINA Foundation. Regional Program for Capacity Building of Community Organizations Providing Water and Sanitation Services (OCSAS) in Latin America. Module 5.

Manual in English that explains simple aspects of the construction of the components of a dug well such as the platform, drainage channel, well casing, among others, as well as protection, disinfection and care of dug wells.

CARE International in Ecuador / AVINA Foundation. Regional Program for Capacity Building of Community Organizations Providing Water and Sanitation Services (OCSAS) in Latin America. Module 5.

Subway potable water storage tanks

When it comes to service stations it is essential to respect a series of safety standards, since the material that is stored and provided there is highly volatile and flammable, therefore, the subway tanks implemented for storage must be properly selected and installed, since the safety of those who work or use the services offered by these stations depends largely on them.

These are places for storing a variety of fuels that are usually located underground in service stations. They are usually implemented when the amount of fuel to be stored is higher than the conventional levels.

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When building subway tanks for fuel storage, it is usually chosen the use of steel as the base material, due to the fact that this material is much more resistant to any type of corrosive or wear process that takes place over time, it is important to remember that it is not just any liquid that will be stored, it is a high-risk material, therefore the material implemented must be above all, highly resistant. However, there are many materials that can be used, for example fiberglass, as long as they pass a series of resistance tests necessary to determine how suitable it is for the storage of this type of material such as fuel.

Petroleum storage tanks

Whereas, Article 76 of the regulation mentioned in the preceding paragraph establishes that, among other activities, the commercialization of products derived from Hydrocarbons is governed by the regulations approved by the Ministry of Energy and Mines;

Whereas, the Glossary, Acronyms and Abbreviations of the Hydrocarbons Subsector, approved by Supreme Decree No. 032-2002-EM, is intended to regulate the concepts, acronyms and abbreviations most commonly used in said Subsector, in order to provide the citizens with an instrument that allows an adequate and accurate understanding of the regulations in force;

That, in this sense, it is pertinent to specify the definition and scope of the Retail Distributor, taking into consideration the scope of the Vessel Fuel Marketer and the Floating Tap, provided in the referred Supreme Decree; as well as to incorporate the definition of Other Aviation Fuel Dispatch Systems to guarantee the adequate development of the activities of the Aviation Fuel Marketer;

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Fuel storage tanks

1º-The Ministry of Environment and Energy is responsible for the definition and planning of policies related to natural resources, energy, mining and environmental protection in our country; as well as the direction, surveillance and control in this field.

5º- That it corresponds to the Ministry of Health to establish the regulatory or special requirements to prevent the risk or danger to health involved in the storage and distribution of flammable materials.

7º- It is necessary to incorporate new technological developments in the field of environmental protection and personal safety, to the technical specifications for the construction, installation, remodeling or expansion of service stations. Therefore,

Article 1-Objectives. The main objective of this Executive Decree is to regulate the competencies of the MINAE through the General Directorate of Transportation and Commercialization of Fuels (hereinafter DGTCC), and to establish the legal and technical requirements as well as the procedures, by which the distribution, storage and commercialization of fuels derived from hydrocarbons destined to the final consumer shall be governed. It also establishes the minimum technical specifications for the construction and remodeling of service stations and storage tanks, so that they operate under the maximum conditions of safety and functionality, preserving the integrity of the environment.

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