What are the rules and regulations in volleyball?

What are the rules and regulations in volleyball?

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Become a volleyball expert by learning the origins, basic rules and positions of volleyball. The official rules of volleyball from the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) are detailed in a 90-page document. However, in order for you to understand the dynamics of the game in less than 5 minutes, we prepared a summary of the basic rules of volleyball in this article.

In 1922 the rules of volleyball were established and the first international tournament regulated by the new official rules of volleyball was held. Until 1930 volleyball was mostly considered only an entertainment game, with few international matches. In 1947, fourteen Federations founded the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) in Paris, its first objective being to develop and improve the rules of volleyball. At the World Volleyball Championships held shortly thereafter, important steps were taken towards its establishment as a sport.

The rules of volleyball state that the court must be a quadrilateral 18 m long and 9 m wide. The playing field is divided in the center by a net that delimits the territory of the teams. In each court there is an attack zone (3 m) and a defense zone (6 m).


How volleyball is played: teams and how long matches lastVolleyball is played by two teams trying to send the ball to the other side of the net with the intention that it touches the floor of the opponent’s half of the court, while trying to prevent the opponent from doing so. To win the match, a team must win three sets, which are 25 points each, and must do so with a minimum advantage of two points. When the match is tied at two sets, the final set is played to 15 points. It is worth noting that the players must have great energy during the matches, as well as an enormous capacity for reaction, since the ball can reach speeds of 130km/h.  Volleyball rules

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In mini-volleyball (schoolchildren in initiation and benjamin and alevin categories) it is convenient that the field be of smaller dimensions appropriate to the age of the players, for which the following dimensions are recommended:

To facilitate the development, the vision of the game and for safety, a band free of obstacles will be arranged around the field of play called free zone, which will be at least 3 m wide on each side.

The marking lines shall be 5 cm wide, light colored and easily distinguishable from the color of the sports pavement and from any other line, if there is one. It is recommended that the lines be white. In International Volleyball Federation competitions the marking lines shall be white. All lines are part of the surface they delimit.

It shall have the following minimum levels of horizontal lighting and color rendering, according to the criteria of the UNE-EN 12193 standard “Lighting of sports facilities”, in the playing area, which are indicated below:

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