What are the four types of scaffolding?

What are the four types of scaffolding?

Types of suspended scaffolding

Scaffolding is a temporary construction, fixed or mobile, that serves as an auxiliary for the execution of works, making accessible a part of the building that is not accessible and facilitating the conduction of materials to the point of work itself. Types of scaffolding:

It allows to cover any facade and configuration that may arise. The system is basically composed of frames that are joined by means of platforms, handrails and diagonal braces, offering adaptable assemblies to any façade.

System based on longitudinal elements. It has a joint disk every 50 cm. that allows the assembly of all the elements, providing the set with great rigidity and stability. Also called volume scaffolding.

Tubular scaffolding: Scaffolding used to support a working platform, generally made of metal, whose parts and joints are previously dimensioned. The platform shall be at least 60 cm wide and its access shall be by ladders mounted inside the scaffolding. The platform shall have an access hatch and a perimeter fall protection consisting of a safety handrail.

Types of metal scaffolding

Knowing its function, how to assemble a scaffolding and dismantle, is really interesting since we were in a talk with the scaffolding company Grupomaq that told us quite interesting things like what are their weaknesses and strengths, how much they support or how we should mount them in front of the facade of a building.

We have tried to classify the type of scaffolding in a coherent way according to general aspects and characteristics… Remembering that it is a structural element destined to auxiliary means (In most cases for works or constructions) whose objective is to have a surface of support in height for materials, workers or tools …. How many types of scaffolding exist?

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Once we have already seen in a general way the possible utilities and functionalities. Now we are going to focus on the types of scaffolding for construction with the following classifications: (Remember that we have a reference article for the types of machinery on site and its characteristics)

Trestle scaffolding

With the use of scaffolding, construction workers can have direct access to all points of construction or to any façade rehabilitation under construction.  They can also be used to easily transport the materials to be used in the construction.

Trestle scaffolding should always be installed on a level and firm base, thus avoiding any displacement. At the same time, the trestles must be well braced to avoid any lateral movement and to maintain an effective rigidity.

It is a platform that is installed on horizontal beams, which are connected to four uprights that can be supported by wheels if it is a mobile scaffolding or by base plates if it is a fixed structure.

This scaffolding is used by painters and other workers who perform light work, in one place and of short duration.  These scaffolds cannot exceed 12 m in height if they are loose, if they exceed this level, they must be tied down.  Never exceed 9.6 m in height on mobile towers, or 12 m in height on scaffolding attached to a structure.

Types of tubular scaffolding

This type of horizontal board is used as a support to resist the weight of the structure, the workers, and the material; additionally it has specific functionalities to double or even triple the surface on which work is being done.  Now, there are several scaffolding measures for platforms with brackets, among which we find:

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The way to access this type of scaffolding is through an internal staircase, and it is a platform on which the worker will have a work space arrangement of 3m x 3m.  It is ideal for working at heights where there are obstacles that may protrude from the vertical plane, so it was necessary to work on different fronts of the structure.  The scaffolding dimensions of the 3x3m bracket tower are between 10 to 12 meters.

Loading tower – Area 2.07 x 2.07m – Height 7m: These types of scaffolding are ideal for safe mechanical or manual load lifting.  Among its specifications is that it is a tower with an area of 2.07 meters x 2.07 meters, and a height of 7 meters with a flat reinforced and hollow base for loading.

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