What are the employees responsibilities?

What are the employees responsibilities?


Answer: FMLA provides protection for most employees in your situation (only certain “key” high paid employees may not be covered). ) Discuss your concerns with your manager and human resources representative. If you do not get satisfactory help from these people, you may need to find an employment law attorney to help you evaluate your situation and your losses.

Question: I did not need the full 12 weeks of my FMLA leave and want to return to my job. Unfortunately, my boss is requiring me to submit more medical documentation. I know I am well enough to return to work, should I submit more medical documentation?

Answer: Yes, your employer has the right to request a “medical certificate of fitness” from your medical provider. This is for both your protection and that of your employer, so that you do not return to work prematurely and complications arise that more time off or healing time could prevent.

Commitments and responsibilities at work

Newly hired employees have a certain responsibility towards the company and society in general. Therefore, in addition to the requirements of the position, employees must also have integrity, commitment, ethics and teamwork.

1. Know your job and assigned tasks: Each employee is responsible for knowing his or her assigned duties and tasks but also the manager must ensure that the employee has mastered the necessary skills to perform the task completely.

If the employee is not sure how to handle the assigned work, he/she should communicate to his/her superiors to obtain suggestions and guidance in the fulfillment of the work, this will help in building good relationships not only with his/her superiors but also with his/her colleagues.

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3. Use available resources and assume responsibilities: Employees must have a sense of responsibility towards the Organization’s resources. As part of the organization, each employee is equally responsible for the resources existing in the organization, both in use and care.

Functions of an employee

The employer within the labor relations, has some fundamental tasks for the company to function properly, in principle this is the subject of rights, as well as obligations, which we will explain in this post.

An employment relationship arises between an employee and an employer on the basis of an employment contract concluded by them in accordance with the Labor Code or on the basis of the actual admission of the employee to work with the knowledge or on behalf of the employer or his representative in case the employment contract has not been properly executed.

The parties to the employment relationship are the employee and the employer, as well as government agencies exercising control, supervision and protection of the interests of the employee and the employer.

The main obligation of the employer is to provide the employee with work in accordance with the stipulated job function and to ensure the working conditions agreed by the Labor Code, laws and other normative acts containing labor standards.


In companies, one of your functions if you are a manager, director, boss, coordinator or executive, is to encourage responsibility in the tasks that correspond to each employee. Making responsibility and work discipline become a value is a process that can take time, although it must be carried out in daily routines, constantly, starting with your own example.

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Teamwork is fundamental. What you should look for is that individual talents enhance each other in spaces that allow them. The fact of performing joint tasks makes the team solidify to a new level every time one of the members contributes new ideas or points of view that had not been taken into account. A person will become more responsible if he or she feels that his or her opinion counts and if it is valued among colleagues.

We have already talked about organizational culture in another post that you can see here, although the key to foster responsibility in employees is to integrate them into the company’s culture, to actively participate, for example, in events, events, important dates, even anniversaries, development of slogans, implementation of proposals, organization of teams, how to better manage communication between peers and managers, etc.

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