What are the 3 main functions of the Estate Agency Affairs Board?

What are the 3 main functions of the Estate Agency Affairs Board?

Manual of functions of a real estate company

An assembly must then be constituted before a municipal official designated by the mayor, a notary or a civil registry officer. At that meeting, the bylaws of the board and a provisional board of directors will be approved. Then, within a maximum period of 30 days, a copy of the minutes of the assembly must be filed with the municipal secretary’s office. Once this is done, the neighborhood council will have legal personality.

They can be financed through a fee for each of its members, or by charging extraordinary fees. They can also be financed through activities such as raffles, parties, kermesses or dinners, but neighborhood councils cannot be for profit.

In addition, each municipality has a Neighborhood Development Fund to finance specific projects that a board presents for the development of the commune. The fund has contributions from the municipality, the neighbors and the national budget. Each municipal council decides how to apply for and operate this fund.

Each board has the right to have a place to operate. If it does not have one of its own, the municipality must provide a community center. In addition, each neighborhood council must have a bank account in its name and submit an annual balance sheet.

Bylaws of the Neighborhood Council 2020

Royal Decree 390/1998, of March 13, which regulates the functions and organic structure of the Economy and Treasury Delegations, configures these as services not integrated in the Government Delegations, developing the provisions related to the basic regulation of the former and of their holders and the functions of the Intervention Units and of those that exercise functions of Autonomous Organizations (Statistics).

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The present Order is issued in development of the provisions of Article 7.4 of Royal Decree 390/1998, of March 13, which regulates the functions and the organic structure of the Delegations of Economy and Finance, in order to complete the regulation related to the different Units that integrate them.

2. The Deputy Delegates shall exercise the functions of assistance, coordination and promotion of the management, control of the personnel, administration and internal information of the Delegation, and the others, including those of representation, entrusted to them by the Delegate of Economy and Finance.

Functions of a directive

Royal Decree 417/2006, of April 7, 2006, which develops the revised text of the Real Estate Cadastre Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2004, of March 5, 2004.

This Royal Decree consists of ninety-four articles distributed in six titles, as well as nine additional provisions, five transitory provisions, one derogatory provision and two final provisions.

Title III, the longest title, is dedicated to the formation and maintenance of the Real Estate Cadastre and, in successive chapters, develops to the extent necessary the rules on the different incorporation procedures contained in the consolidated text of the law, with the exception, as noted above, of the valuation procedure. Of particular interest is the regulation of communication procedures contained in chapter III and of the concordance between the cadastral titleholder and the taxpayer of the Real Estate Tax in chapter IV, which, given its novel nature, as well as its great potential for the correct maintenance of the Cadastre without increasing formal burdens for citizens, has required a very detailed treatment, as is the treatment of cadastral inspection in chapter VI.

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Functions of a board of directors

To think, for example, that the main function of boards of directors is to appoint and/or remove general managers is not only an archaic misconception, but also a disregard for the true potential of this body within the business.

Finally, the organizational function is one that has traditionally been half-fulfilled in Latin America. This includes the managerial responsibilities, appointing and removing the general manager, but also ensuring that he/she is given adequate authority and clearly defined roles. This is where compensation and contingency plans for succession are defined.

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