Should you replace a 16 year old water heater?

Gas water heater makes noise

These are vitally important appliances in the home because of the role they play in providing us with hot water and, although their price has dropped considerably to a few hundred euros, the cost of installation and the risk of water leakage when they break down make them a nuisance to replace.

Electric water heaters heat the cold water through the resistance inside. When the water reaches the temperature set by the thermostat, the heating element is turned off and the hot water is kept in the tank until it is ready for use.

The electric boiler works through water accumulation. Thus, once all the water is heated, you have the amount indicated on the thermos ready for use. Then, when the cold water comes in, it will take time to heat up.

This is particularly aggressive for the heaters, because when it is hot, the solubility of these minerals increases, which end up forming sediments when the temperature drops. These accumulate at the bottom of the tank.

My boiler turns on but does not heat the water.

Article 21 of the Urban Leases Law establishes that the lessor is obliged to carry out, without the right to increase the rent, all the repairs that are necessary to maintain the dwelling in a habitable condition to serve the agreed use, except when the deterioration of the repair is attributable to the lessee in accordance with the provisions of articles 1,563 and 1,564 of the Civil Code.

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In this sense, there is no doubt that the installation of heating and hot water is necessary for the habitability of a dwelling, so it will be the lessor who will be responsible for the repair of the boiler or its replacement, provided that the damage is not the result of negligent or improper use of the boiler.

The lessee must inform the lessor, as soon as possible, of the need for the repair, and must facilitate the direct verification of the breakdown by himself or by the technicians he designates, so that he can adopt, if necessary, the most convenient solution.

Lifetime of an electric water heater

In these cases, it will be necessary to proceed differently if it is an electric water heater than if it is a gas water heater. But in both cases you will have to take a series of measures to either fix the problem if it is not very serious, or call an expert technician before the problem becomes serious. Below you have all the measures you have to take in any case.

If what you have is a gas heater, it is very unlikely that there are water leaks in this type of equipment, but they can occur in gas boilers. They are not usually very copious, and generally what occurs is a slight dripping. In these cases, the problem is due in most cases to the wear of some part and to the wear of the joints between pipes. It is also due to a failure in the expansion valve, which is responsible for regulating the gas pressure in the circuit.

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In milder cases, the leak will be solved by adjusting a part that has loosened due to the passage of time or use. But in the most serious cases, the leak may not be fixed and the heater will have to be replaced. In any case, to get to this point, a specialized technician will have to intervene first. He will be the one to assess whether it is worth fixing the leak, and therefore the heater, or he thinks it is better to change it. Either because the price of the repair or the condition of the boiler makes it not worth repairing.

Why does the boiler water cool down quickly?

Once you have decided to rent, signing the rental contract is the first and most important step to avoid problems and misunderstandings about who has to pay for what, once you move in.

Let’s imagine that you live in a rented apartment in Sant Cugat and your water heater has broken. A new one costs an average of 200€ and of course, you want to know if it’s up to you or the owner of the apartment to pay for it. We guide you:

Article 21 of the Law 29/1994 of Urban Leases, clearly states that landlord and tenant can agree how to divide the charges and responsibilities arising from the property. So pay attention and if you are going to sign a rental contract, take a good look at the clauses proposed by the landlord and refuse them.

In general terms, the landlord pays the IBI, the community of neighbors, the garbage tax, the insurance of the house and maintenance insurances (boiler…). And the tenant pays everything that can be measured with individual meters such as water, electricity, gas or telephone.

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