Is planning permission required for replacement roof?

Is planning permission required for replacement roof?

Fine for changing windows without a permit

If it was only to replace the tiles with a minor work permit would be enough. Although there is also the part of health and safety that is mandatory to be done by a company that meets these requirements and ensure safety and working at height. This same company can manage the minor works license.

You always need permission, in each city council determine whether it is major or minor work, but license must always apply by law, another thing is that people do not ask for it to save the payment of the fee.

To your question of if it is necessary project for the restoration of the roof the answer is no as long as you do not modify the structure of the building. You need an estimate and a building permit from the town hall.

Permits to change a roof

“For a complete renovation, in which the house is re-divided without touching elements of the structure, for example, a load-bearing wall, and windows are changed, it would be necessary to present the model of the previous communication at the Town Hall together with the payment of the fee and the construction and works tax. Subsequently, a deposit will be requested for the correct management of the waste, which is returned if it has been sent to authorized landfills,” he concludes.

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Permit to open a window in the façade

First of all, if we stop to consider if our project will be considered a minor work, we value the complexity of this, the volume of works or its importance for the building. The minor works do not affect the structure of the building, so we can rule out any modification of supporting elements such as walls. On the other hand, it is characterized by its technical simplicity and does not imply a great disbursement, since a minor work would be a repair, for example.

If in your city you are required a license of minor work to start your project, then you have no choice but to carry out this procedure. The local administration is in charge of controlling this matter, since it is a municipal competence, so you will have to go to your city council. They will provide you with the requirements and the documentation to be filled in. It used to be done directly at the counter, but due to the health crisis it is more advisable to do it online.

The actions that one can carry out in your home without any procedure with the administration are very few. And the fact is that not having to ask for a building permit is not synonymous with not having to inform the corresponding Town Hall that certain works are going to be carried out.

How much does roof tiles cost

Simple, visit the help page of the city council of Madrid, fill in the fields and follow the indications (address of the building and type of work to be done). At the end it tells you the type of license you need. Madrid City Council.

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The city council does not usually ask for a license when painting, replacing floors, tiling, or replacing plumbing, electricity or heating installations, as long as the building is not listed.

The works that require the intervention of a technician for their execution are large-scale works such as the construction of houses, rehabilitation of protected buildings, changes in the structure of a building (pillars, beams, load-bearing walls, etc.).

1- The Urban Development Tax that is paid when applying for the license. It is the cost of the municipal technicians who process the dossier. The rates are around 200 € onwards, depending on the meters that we are going to modify.

Yes, any construction or extension project requires a project drawn up by a technician and a request for a license from the corresponding town hall. Regardless of the size of the extension.

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