Is it worth replacing windows before selling a house UK?

Is it worth replacing windows before selling a house UK?

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The task of selling a home can sometimes seem even more complicated than the process of actually buying it. And the larger your property is, the more serious the matter seems. Plus, this pandemic era has made all of these processes more difficult. Imagine having to make a visit for a potential buyer to see it, but virtually!

If you are selling your property to go abroad or because you want to, for example, change city and decided to rent a house somewhere else, you are all set and there is not much to think about.But, if you are thinking of selling a house to buy another property, things are a bit more complicated.Generally, to sell a house and buy another one, you would have to follow the following process:

When selling a home, one of the main objectives is to sell it at a very good price and, although there are also other important details such as location, access routes to the home and the price per square meter in your city, there are simple ways to make your property more attractive and increase its commercial value.

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Soon, some of these towns were besieged by buyers. Mayors sent out thousands of requests, websites crashed, normally desolate villages were overrun and locals panicked.

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For starters, unless you know someone who is already on board and can advise you, it pays to visit official city websites for listings of available properties and downloads of application forms.

“We are very proud,” says Mayor Giuseppe Ferrarello. “More than 160 dilapidated homes were renovated thanks to new owners and this has sparked a revival of the private real estate market as well. The old center shines again.”

Located inside a rocky amphitheater in the heart of Sicani Hills Park, Bivona honors the Latin origins of its name “Bis-bona,” which means twice good or twice beautiful, a reference to the fertility of its soil and unspoiled nature.

“I have made my crusade,” says Mayor Vincenzo Giambrone. “If the old owners don’t come forward to reclaim their falling properties, I will expropriate all the empty buildings and give them to newcomers.”


It should be noted that while in the United States the process of buying a property takes up to two months, in the Latin American market it takes up to 14 months; therefore, we mention these tips to increase the commercial value of your property before you start receiving proposals:

1. Highlight the advantages of its location. When offering your home, not only talk about the interior comforts, spaces and amenities, but also highlight the transportation routes, access roads and security, as well as nearby places of interest, such as parks, shopping malls, universities and schools.

2. Be prepared to negotiate. Probably, those interested in buying the property will ask for a discount or offer immediate money in exchange for a discount. If you need the money urgently, set a minimum limit of what you are willing to receive and another amount to start the negotiation.

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3. Make renovations. The first impression is very important, so investing and paying attention to every detail of the property can increase its value, for example, a freshly painted facade, a garden full of flowers, good lighting and new hardware.

Real Estate Seller’s Guide

Do you know what expenses you have to face when selling your apartment? Knowing them beforehand will allow you to organize your finances and optimize your profit during the sale. Here we tell you everything you need to know about them!

The expenses that we must pay for selling an apartment are, in general, between 5% and 15% of the sale price, although they vary depending on the autonomous community where the property is located and the particular situation of the property (for example, whether or not it has a mortgage pending repayment). In general, they can be summarized as follows:

The costs of each of these procedures also vary depending on the type of real estate agency we decide to hire, the surface of our apartment, the time during which we have been owners, among many other things. Further on in this page we detail which expenses correspond in each case.

*We consider as minimum price the prepaid plan of the online agencies and as maximum price a traditional commission of 5% (the fees do not usually exceed this percentage for an apartment of 250,000 euros).

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