Is drywall required on garage ceiling?

Is drywall required on garage ceiling?

Ceiling with gypsum boards

Today I have been seeing a house in which there are humidities, some by condensation and others probably by capillarity, in the garage floor of a semi-detached house. I was thinking of proposing the solution to the owner of raising a wall paneling with waterproof gypsum boards, both in walls and ceilings and, in addition, I was going to propose to include 4 cm of rock wool in between, since in that way, it is very possible that the phenomenon of condensation disappears, especially in the ceilings, because they are in contact with the ground; however in the partitions (in contact with the ground) and in the walls, as they are buried, I do not know if it is necessary or convenient to include insulation, or it would be better to leave the chamber empty so that the air can circulate (even if interstitial humidity were generated, it would be detrimental to the insulation). What do you think? Help is much appreciated.

Tiling walls or partitions that have capillary humidity does not solve anything, it only camouflages the problem. If you also put wool, the wool will get wet and will not do its job, so in the end the humidity will come out again…

Suspended ceiling

Beyond the material and installation, a fundamental factor in making a decision is the price. In the following table we have collected some approximate figures for the different types of suspended ceilings:

In relation to these prices it should be noted that the method of installation and the price of labor can also affect the final figure. For example, in the case of plaster, a continuous false ceiling may be more economical than a registrable one, since the price of the plasterers may be affected by different factors.

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And in addition to knowing the different materials in which these false ceilings can be manufactured, it is convenient to know the different methods of installation. Basically we can distinguish two types of false ceilings according to this criterion.

And on the other hand, we have the continuous false ceilings, which are seated on a structure of mullions. In this case, the aim is to strengthen the joints between the panels to achieve an effect of continuity.

Roof Plates

Most people consider the garage to be the best place to protect a car. But while some car owners do not know how to properly finish the siding, the materials for this should be used. Today we will talk about how you can fix the roof in such premises.

Today, there are a variety of options for finishing the roof in the garage. First of all, before you make the necessary repairs, decide what to hem from the overlap. The most popular and affordable material for this is regular plywood.

Such material is in great demand among buyers. as it has a number of significant advantages: lightness, environmental friendliness, high moisture resistance, low price, simple installation.

According to generally accepted standards, the height of the floor in the garage should be at least 2 m, but if you do not want the room to be too tight and cramped, you should raise the ceiling slightly (up to 2.5 m). This decision is important for those who decided to trim the ceiling with plywood or a simple board.

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How to lay ceiling tiles

There are many materials that can be used to finish the garage. The coating can be made as a professional sheet, clapboard, drywall, stone. To determine which one fits best, you need to look at them in more detail.

The most commonly used for such premises is concrete. After all, it holds up better than others in aerated brick or concrete walls. It has a high strength, is not afraid of fire, if necessary, on the concrete surface, you can easily carry out repair work.But like any material, concrete has disadvantages. Its installation is laborious work, which consists in the preparation of the solution, as well as its application. It is necessary to possess certain skills to finish the job. Their absence can lead to cracking of the surface or even detachment of concrete. The second drawback is that such a process is considered dirty work, so in the end there will be a lot of cleaning, with which not everyone wants to mess.

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