Is a mezzanine considered a storey UK?

Is a mezzanine considered a storey UK?

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Today the Royal Albert Dock is a major tourist attraction in the city and the most visited multi-purpose attraction in the United Kingdom outside London.[4] It is a key component of the Liverpool Maritime and Merchant City, a designated Unesco World Heritage Site, and comprises the largest single collection of Grade I listed monuments in the United Kingdom.[5] The Royal Albert Dock is a major tourist attraction in the city and the most visited multi-purpose attraction in the United Kingdom outside London.[6] The Royal Albert Dock is a major attraction in the city.

The complex was officially opened in 1846 by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria and the person after whom it was named. This event was the first occasion in Liverpool’s history that a member of the royal family made an official visit to the city and was therefore celebrated with major festivities.[12] Several thousand people attended the royal visit and The Pictorial Times newspaper described the reception Prince Albert received:[13] His reception was very enthusiastic.

His reception was very enthusiastic: balconies were erected along the route of the procession, and these and the windows of houses were filled with gay and lively festivities. There was a most brilliant display of flags, banners, etc. All commercial activity was suspended. There were two hundred thousand strangers in the city, and all the inhabitants were in the streets. All was joy and splendor.


In July 2002, the then UK Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, ordered a planning consultation to be carried out after opposition to The Shard project from the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and several heritage bodies, including the Royal Parks Foundation and English Heritage.[22][23] The consultation took place between April and May 2003,[11][24] and on 19 November 2003, the Deputy Prime Minister’s office announced that planning permission had been approved.[25] The government stated that:

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September 2007 preparations began for the demolition of Southwark Towers.[27] However, later that month, uncertainty in the financial markets put the construction of The Shard in jeopardy,[28] threatening to make the project an example of the high-rise index.

In November 2007, the construction company Mace was awarded the contract to build The Shard for a fixed price of no more than £350 million. However, in October 2008 this price was increased to almost £435 million.[29] The Shard was awarded the contract in November 2007 for a fixed price of no more than £350 million.

Mezzanine construction

In a room with a low ceiling, you could build a bedroom on the mezzanine. In this case the height of the mezzanine could be 1.2 meters. Such a mezzanine can be built in a room with a height of about 3.5 meters. The minimum safe height for a room with a mezzanine is 2.6 meters.

Another step is to buy all the necessary materials. A mezzanine is typically made of wood, so you could, for example, visit a sawmill. Show your project to the employees, and they will know exactly what you expect.

A mezzanine can be used in many ways. It is a very universal type of room, so you can easily adapt it to your own needs. Thus, it can be a bedroom, a home library or a relaxation area.

Although a mezzanine looks interesting in a house, it is also quite a demanding solution. Many owners who decide to build a mezzanine, ignore important issues and potential problems that need to be taken into account.

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Enforcement and recognition of judgments: EU provisions do not apply.    International Conventions will apply where applicable, for example, in cases of Divorce, the 1970 Hague Convention would apply and in respect of maintenance obligations, the 2007 Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Maintenance is applicable, provided that the UK ratifies this convention.    In the event that the International Conventions do not apply, the domestic law of the State in which recognition and enforcement of the judgment is sought will apply.

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Choice of forum:    Choice of court agreements in the UK, will no longer be able to avail themselves of the EU regulation on recognition and enforcement of judgments.    The UK has indicated that it will accede to the 2005 Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements.

Judicial cooperation: EU Member States will not be able to initiate new judicial cooperation proceedings involving the UK, they will have to be governed by domestic rules on judicial cooperation with third countries, with international conventions being applicable in some cases as long as both the UK and the EU or Member States are parties.