How much space do you need around an electric oven?

Dimensions of built-in electric oven

You are here: Home / Friend’s advice / How to place appliances in your kitchen “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming! I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!” is all very well to hear when we go out for tapas, but in the kitchen we prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and, if possible, not having to shout at anyone to get out of the way when we take the roast from the oven to the hob. Placing the appliances well in the kitchen, besides helping us to maintain our physical integrity (and that of anyone who invades our space) will make working in the kitchen easier and more comfortable.

In every kitchen there are three main protagonists: the cooking area, the dishwasher area and the refrigerator. These three points should be relatively close, because the park and the gym are already there for miles. Let’s see how to maintain harmony in this triangle, analyzing each zone in more detail and discovering how to organize the appliances in your kitchen:

For its part, the hob has also taken a good pinch, because its lower part (previously occupied by the oven) now serves to store pans and pots. The cooking trio is completed by the hood, which can be discreetly integrated into the interior of a piece of furniture or displayed in decorative mode. It is a matter of taste and, as always, of space.

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Dimensions of 60-liter electric ovens

The first thing you should know is that there are three main groups of ovens: freestanding ovens, multi-purpose ovens and tabletop ovens. Which one you will need depends on whether you have a gas stove, an electric hob or an induction stove and the space available in your kitchen.

This Beko CSG-42009DW gas oven or cooktop is prepared for use with butane gas. It has four burners and is a simple model but no less valid. In fact, it is also very energy efficient as its A rating proves.

Freestanding ovens can also be installed under the hob or anywhere else we want: a column, under a countertop, etc., something that is possible when in the kitchen there is an induction hob, as it does not require an oven under it thanks to its installation.

If you have just rented a house and you find that there is no oven or for space reasons you have had to do without a built-in oven, a countertop oven is a fantastic option when buying an oven.

Dimensions of 42-liter electric oven

Manufacturers recommend that when space is available in the kitchen, the oven should be placed in a column, under the microwave, so that it is at a suitable height. If not, it is also practical and common to place it under the hob. If this is your case and you are going to embed it, pay attention to the external dimensions and keep in mind that you must leave space for adequate ventilation.

The power of the electric oven is expressed in watts, both of the oven and grill and of the pyrolysis cleaning function (pyrolytic ovens have it), as well as the energy consumption. The higher the power, the faster the food will be cooked. But the ideal is to acquire a model of the maximum efficiency level (A+++), to avoid unnecessary consumption.

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First of all, we highlight the cooking functions offered by the various manufacturers to optimize cooking (maintaining a constant temperature and distributing the heat evenly during cooking): the rapid preheating function; the “turbo-grill”, which produces a very powerful top heat and distributes the temperature so that it is no longer necessary to turn the food when cooking; the “vario-grill” and “maxi-grill” allow the power of the grill to be regulated by the thermostat, to grill larger surfaces; the “turbo plus” allows several dishes to be cooked at the same time without mixing flavors or odors; the “turbo-solera” function, emits lower heat for baking, indicated for raising bread doughs.

Built-in ovens need to be vented to the outside.

controlled heat inside an enclosed space. If we know how to use it, it can be used to prepare a fantastic roast veal as well as appetizing vegetables au gratin. The grace of this cooking is that it preserves the internal juices of the food, making it tasty and nutritious. But like everything in the kitchen, it has its secrets.

It is essential to know what we are talking about because nowadays we have the traditional oven (with time and temperature selector and resistance above and below the cooking space), the convection oven (they incorporate a fan system that efficiently distributes the cooking heat) and the combi oven (they have a steam generator that helps to compensate the loss of humidity of the food).

Once in place, we will discover where we go wrong when the chicken is dry or some vegetables are more cooked than others. Do we know where to place each preparation? Do we master the cooking times? Is roasting a fish the same as roasting a loin? What is the steam function for? What are the dangers of the oven?    The cook Lluís Massanés, from the Eshob school in Barcelona, explains everything point by point as if we were in class.

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