How much orange should you wear hunting?

How much orange should you wear hunting?

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The new Regulation develops Title I and Chapters I, II and III of Title II of Law 8/2003, of October 28, on wild flora and fauna, and is based on a model of sustainable hunting management in line with the general criterion of nature conservation and full respect for biodiversity, establishing a regime of protection, conservation, promotion and orderly use of hunting resources in a manner compatible with the natural balance.

In the elaboration of this regulation, the general principles of operation of the Administration of the Andalusian Regional Government established in Article 3 of Law 9/2007, of October 22, 2007, of the Administration of the Andalusian Regional Government, have been taken into account.

In the regulation of the different procedures, negative silence is generally established, given the influence of those on the environment, in accordance with Article 24.1, second paragraph, of Law 39/2015.

The entry into force of Law 20/2013, of December 9, on the Guarantee of Market Unity, has entailed a profound change in the regime of authorizations, the requirement of which must be foreseen and motivated in Law 8/2003, of October 28. This Regulation regulates those authorizations that have the character of “economic activity” and others that do not for the purposes of the aforementioned law. The former include hunting scenarios for the practice of hunting modalities, game preserves, hunting farms and taxidermy workshops. On the other hand, technical hunting plans, the constitution of hunting preserves, intensive hunting preserves, sport hunting and training scenarios or training of dogs and/or falconry birds, as well as management hunting, do not qualify as economic activities.

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We take advantage of the same pan and the juices left by the meat and start with the onion. When it has sweated and starts to become transparent, we add the peppers and tomatoes, allowing the whole to cook until it becomes a classic ratatouille.

Facing a pheasant is not as complex as we may think, and perhaps the thing that puts us off is how to pluck it and clean it well. Something that you can discover here and that will not give you more headaches.

Accustomed to the taste of domestic rabbit, try hare or wild rabbit and your dishes will speak for themselves. It is a tougher meat, less smooth but much tastier and also with more generous slices, so it is ideal for several.

You can find it cleaned in many poultry shops when the season is open. In this case, do not hesitate and try the hare when it is in season because it is a real joy, full of flavor and surprise.

Partridges and quails are possibly the most frequent small game in our kitchens because they are very abundant in the wild. We can also find them from farms, which are a good substitute, but they are not the same.

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Montería: collective hunting practiced with the help of dogs and/or beaters in order to lift the big game existing in a certain extension of land and force them to head towards the hunters who were previously placed in fixed positions distributed in closing armadas and/or travesas and/or cortaderos and/or escapes.

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Jumping: modality practiced by a single hunter assisted by a maximum of three dogs, who on foot actively searches and follows the big game in a certain terrain in order to capture it.

In hand: modality practiced by a group of two to six hunters, assisted or not by a maximum of ten dogs, who on foot and forming a team, search for and actively follow big game in a certain terrain in order to capture it.

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First Final Provision.  The Regional Minister of Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing is empowered to dictate as many provisions as necessary for the development and execution of this Decree.

Article 14. Hunting exploitation in local preserves.1. Local reserves may have as many hunting exploitations as determined by the corresponding approved Hunting Management Plan, and each exploitation may have a different owner.2. In any case, the Hunting Management Plans may only establish independent exploitations when the limits between some exploitations and others are perfectly defined and compatible. For this purpose, the species, surface area of each use and proposals for their implementation shall be taken into account.

Any subsequent modification of the area of the enclosure which affects a percentage of less than 30% of its surface area, will require that the local entity owning the enclosure process an application for modification of the enclosure, indicating the new limits of the same, the new surface area, the parcels excluded or included in the enclosed area and the date of extinction of the enclosure, which will be that established for the original enclosure, as well as a certificate stating the rights of cession of the private land included. Any modification subsequent to the constitution of a local preserve which affects a percentage equal to or greater than 30% of its surface shall require a declaration of a new preserve.3. Without prejudice to the provisions of these Regulations, a hunting preserve may not be maintained when, as a consequence of the modification, the resulting surface area is less than 2,000 hectares.

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