How many patients can a designated grower have?

How many patients can a designated grower have?

Law 1787 of 2016

However, over time, doubts, complaints, irregularities and uncertainties began to arise. Today, registering to grow medical marijuana in Argentina is still a rather confusing process. Therefore, in this article we explain everything you need to know about how to register in REPROCANN.

REPROCANN is a database where those who want to access a controlled cultivation of medical marijuana (for therapeutic and palliative pain relief purposes) are registered, as long as certain conditions are met, as we will see below.

Patients, caregivers, doctors, growers and NGOs can register in REPROCANN. To do so, they must have a valid user in the My Argentina platform, where they will be asked for their data (CUIT, telephone, e-mail, address, etc.).

Each profile has a code, which is used to link profiles with each other. Each patient will need to link to the doctor who prescribes the cannabis, and each grower will need to link to the patient for whom he/she grows.

Decree 613 of 2021

Said and done, Sanidad explains that “Alcaliber is authorized for the cultivation, production, manufacture, import, export, distribution and trade of Cannabis sativa and its products. The destination of cannabis and cannabis products obtained from these crops [extracts, tinctures, active ingredients such as cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), etc.] would be both export, as well as the manufacture of medicines in entities authorized by the AEMPS, the performance of clinical trials authorized by this Agency or research purposes”.

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The reason is that the plant contains some 200 substances and to study the specific effect of one of them (among the most common are cannabidiol, CBD, or tetrahydrocannabinol, THC) if the whole plant is tested it is not possible to know exactly which results are attributable to that substance and which are due to the action of others.

The real problem encountered by researchers arises when it comes to carrying out clinical trials. On the one hand, Martínez Orgado explains, because of the difficulty of finding someone to supply plants with certain characteristics, which are always the same. Cannabis has an infinite number of variations and in each variant of the plant the concentration of an active principle is different.

Decree 613 of 2017

I would like to inform that neither the chairwoman of the Criminal Legislation Committee nor many of its members are present because, at this moment, in another room of the National Congress they are engaged in the consideration of a project for the strengthening of victims in the criminal process. As soon as that meeting is over, in which they are listening to the victims of crimes, they will join this plenary.

First of all, I will read the statements of the projects that have motivated this call. At the end, I will make a suggestion for practical and operational purposes. I request silence again; we are many and otherwise we will not be able to hear each other.

4795-d-2016, bill: Buil, Wechsler, Acerenza, Banfi, Echegaray, Hers Cabral, Schmidt Liermann, Wisky and Martínez. Drug trafficking, law 23.737. Modification of article 5°, on the exclusion of penalties for those who carry out the actions described in paragraphs a), b), and/or c), within the framework of medical and/or scientific research based on the use of derivatives of the Cannabis sativa plant.

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Cultivation licenses in Colombia

The law promotes information, education and prevention on the consequences of cannabis use, as well as the treatment, rehabilitation and social reintegration of problematic drug users.

It prohibits the planting, cultivation, harvesting and commercialization of any plant from which narcotics and other substances that cause physical or psychological dependence may be extracted, with some exceptions.

When the domestic planting, cultivation and harvesting of cannabis plants with psychoactive effect exceeds 6 plants and 480 grams harvested annually, the domestic destination will be assessed by the judge.

The person who transports, has in his possession, is a depository, stores or possesses a quantity destined for his personal consumption, which will be evaluated by the judge, will be free of responsibility, without prejudice of which, it will be understood that it is destined for personal consumption up to 40 grams of marijuana.

The person who in his home has in his possession, is a depository, stores or possesses the harvest of up to 6 plants obtained in accordance with the law, or when the harvest corresponds to the members of a membership club, will not be liable either.

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