How high should a window be off the floor?

How high should a window be off the floor?

Low window height

Whether you are planning to carry out a home renovation with your own hands, or you want to have your windows replaced by professional carpenters and glaziers, you will need to know how to measure them in order to request a quote in the smallest of cases.

This is a very frequent question among neophytes in the field. But the reality is that the most common in our country is that the windows are made to measure, since almost all properties have very different particularities and it is almost impossible to standardize some formats or others.

So you can make sure that the window is completely symmetrical and rectangular if you measure the diagonal from the upper right side to the lower left and vice versa. If the result is different, it is not a perfect rectangle and you should take this into account when making the new window.

If you cannot open the window, measure the depth on each side and add the results. Another way to measure fairly approximately is to check the depth of the inside side and multiply by two.

Height of windows in bedrooms

Roof windows are an alternative for certain homes where a greater flow of natural light is desired, or where other types of windows cannot be used due to the location of the house. The windows for roofs or roofs, allow to increase the level of natural lighting of a space, taking advantage of the roofs or ceilings of a house.

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Regarding the location of this type of roof windows in facades and roofs, it is very important the height and the place where they are installed, because these factors will determine to a great extent, the amount of light that enters an interior.

To receive more natural light it will be convenient to place the roof window as high as possible. The higher the window is installed, the more natural light the room will receive.

At the same time, it will be necessary to consider the alternative of placing curtains inside the room as well as awnings on the outside. At present there are several models of windows for roofs or ceilings, as well as accessories that adapt to this type of carpentries, being able to find curtains, blinds, fabric and electric curtains, in models, fabrics and colors so varied that it is possible that they adjust to any decoration of an interior, as well as diverse necessities of use.

Window sizes for bedrooms

Use the Subfloor Thickness field, in the Dimension Mark Panel of the Door/Window Definitions or in the Info box, to adjust the marker display of the sill height value if the door level takes into account carpet or parquet, and the base of the wall is not at that floor level.

ARCHICAD will still measure the sill value from the base of the wall, but the door/window marker will display a sill height value that subtracts the subfloor thickness from the entered sill value.

For example, assume the Base of the Wall is -100 mm below the Floor Level (Subfloor Thickness of 100 mm). The parapet height window is 1000 mm, but the actual parapet height, for construction documentation reasons, is 900 mm from the ground. So the window sill height, as displayed on the Floor Plan marker, will show a value of 900 mm.

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Note: Entering a value in the Subfloor Thickness field does not affect the actual position of the door/window within the wall; it is merely an alternative to displaying the sill/window height on the door/window marker.

At what height from the floor is a window placed

What is the minimum height between a window and the floor? In a VPPB house that I have recently acquired, in a bedroom the distance between the window and the floor is 65 cm. Is there any regulation that regulates this distance?

Well, as people say, if the CTE is applicable, the opening must be at 1.10 m if the height above the street is higher than 6 m, or if it is lower than 1.10 m, there must be a protection at 1.10 m.

It is not a very serious problem either, it just seems to me a bad choice to have such a big window for that room. And if it does not comply with any regulations, it is an even worse choice. Just as it seems to me a bad choice the windows and doors in the hallway that hit the door frames in front of them, as I comment in this other thread:

By the way, eigenTx, as your home is VPPB, you will most likely be pleasantly attended at the Directorate General of Housing and Rehabilitation (Qualifications Area), where they can clarify the validity or not of that window and many other things.

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