How far does an above ground pool need to be from a fence?

How to build a swimming pool from start to finish

Taking all this into account, we wanted to make an analysis of the current situation of safety fences in the pool market, based on some of the most popular models currently in demand.

For this reason, it is important to value the capacity of being removable or not, that some models or others may have. At this moment, within the alternatives that the market offers us, all of them imply to fit by means of installation or work, the fence to the ground or floor around the swimming pool.

There is an alternative that does not involve work as are the new fences without holes Guardian Pool Fence, which do not require such installation but aesthetically are perhaps a little rough and that currently do not have a very prominent use in the market.

Considering this, we have to say that we will hardly have to make a conditioning to the space once the fence is removed. We will always have more or less holes, more or less large, around the pool, in order to adjust the modules of the fence so we will have to adapt the environment again.

How far away should the pump be from the pool?

The decision to install an above ground pool in your garden can be made for many reasons: the budget, the work to be done, the characteristics of your terrain and the nature of your soil. The above ground pool is not only for inflatable or tubular pools, there are more sustainable solutions. Discover the benefits of the steel above ground pool kit, a safe investment for unforgettable summers.

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Good to know: a pool with rounded shapes needs less power legs than a rectilinear pool.    In fact, once curved, the corrugated steel panels become self-supporting. Installation is thus faster.

Extremely resistant, the bar cover makes pool maintenance easier by protecting the pool from dirt and limiting algae proliferation.    It also preserves the water temperature.

In order to assist you in the creation of this beautiful project, a sales consultant will be at your disposal to carry out a fully customized installation study and offer you your custom-made pool.

How much space do I need for a swimming pool

During the summer, having a swimming pool at home is certainly very welcome. The pool will become the “center” of the garden during the summer, a space where you can cool off on these hot days, enjoy events and gatherings with friends and family in the pool, practice swimming or relax and unwind after work.

The pool also invites to decorate the garden around it, looking for an area where we can spend some pleasant and restful moments. A pergola and garden furniture, rest and leisure areas, green areas and trees around the pool, will help to create a beautiful space to take advantage of the pool.

First of all, if the installation of the pool involves earthworks or any other type of work, it is essential to have a building permit from the Town Hall of Altea. Its cost will depend on the budget of the work and the technical fees of the project.

The construction project of the swimming pool must be elaborated by an architect or engineer and approved by the Town Hall of Altea, as well as a certificate of completion of work endorsed by a professional association. In these documents are indicated:

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What type of pool is more economical

We want to build a private swimming pool. the problem we have is that we have little space and we want to stick it as much as possible to our neighbor’s fence. they tell us that for this we have to put a retaining wall but they tell us that we have to do it by bataches (a lot of money).

We want to build a private swimming pool. the problem we have is that we have little space and we want to stick it as much as possible to our neighbor’s fence. they tell us that for this we have to put a retaining wall but they tell us that this wall has to be done by bataches (a lot of money).

The problem is not the wall… the problem is that in general, from an urbanistic point of view, all the Town Halls establish a minimum setback or separation that must be respected with respect to neighboring boundaries… and if that distance is not respected, the explicit and reliable agreement and consent of the owner is required to allow the pool to be attached to the boundary of which he is also the owner, therefore… if you need a retaining wall or your neighbor establishes it as a condition to consent to have the pool nearby, you have no choice but to accept and assume that it is not going to be cheap.

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