How do you organize a contest event?

How do you organize a contest event?

Examples of Facebook contests

Launching a contest with prizes, be it an instant win, a sweepstakes or a contest, is an excellent solution for companies that intend to achieve, in a well-defined and relatively short period of time, marketing objectives related to engagement and sales, for example, strengthening the presence on social networks or, perhaps, giving a boost to the sell out.

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How to make a giveaway on facebook 2021

In some schools competitions are held, but they do not award prizes or highlight the work of a single person, but recognize the collective effort, avoiding rivalries or an inappropriate atmosphere among students.

To clearly determine the general objective and specific objectives, to expose them in the classrooms to the students, the school staff and parents, in order to generate an atmosphere of fraternity regardless of the results of the contest.

To designate a jury that is not “Inquisitor”, but “Educator”, that provides a pleasant atmosphere of peace and harmony, that makes the difference, since in the school there can be winners and losers, as in daily life, and that becomes a great challenge of growth.

Conduct a final feedback meeting, establishing pros and cons, in order to visualize a next student event, where above all, students benefit from sharing the best of them in community.

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Life is a permanent contest, we cannot avoid it, it is a competition that begins when we are born, but we must make it constructive, not only applauding the “Winners”, but also motivating and stimulating those who are in the process of learning.

How to run a contest on instagram

You don’t need to give away a flashy expensive prize to grab people’s attention and attract entrants, but it does help if you include additional information about the prize in the contest details and terms and conditions. Let’s say you’re an airline giving away airline tickets to any VACATION destination! *

Ask the winner to send you a photo with the prize for you to share on your social networks. This is one item on the list that if you cross off, you’ll get content you can repurpose. Not only is it good content to share that will give your business a good image, but it also proves to other participants that your contest is legit.

Successful contests on facebook

In their effort to stimulate the generation of new opportunities and ideas, companies resort to all kinds of methods. One of them is to organize idea contests and offer prizes to the winners. Participation in these contests can be limited to people working in the organization, internal contests (corporate entrepreneurship), or go beyond the walls of the company and be open to anyone who wishes to participate, external contests.

In this second case we will be using the already famous concept of open innovation. This is based on the principle that no matter how much talent you have in your organization, there will always be more talent outside it. These types of competitions allow companies to reach a large number of people, and are especially recommended when it is necessary to solve specific problems, especially when these are of a technical or scientific nature.

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The most advisable is that these competitions are open, and that any person of the organization can participate in them, and contribute with their ideas to respond to the challenges faced by the organization.    The process of submitting ideas should be as simple as possible. All that should be necessary is a one-sheet template on which different aspects should be detailed. If the ideas are related to new products or services, one possibility would be to include the following fields: