How close can I build to my Neighbours boundary?

How close can I build to my Neighbours boundary?

What do I do if my neighbor uses my wall in Colombia?

For the evaluation of the block side, it will be taken into account that the front yard of existing buildings, which has been occupied or covered only on one floor, either by a light or heavy cover, is the one existing before the occupation.

The height of the buildings and the maximum indexes that can be reached in the properties are limited by the application of the norms on isolations, ties, urban obligations, front gardens, setbacks, provision of private communal equipment and the restrictions determined by the Special Administrative Unit of the Civil Aeronautics for the Aeronautical Influence Area of the El Dorado Airport.

In order to comply with the provisions of the Land Management Plan, it must be taken into account that the private communal equipment is made up of private communal areas for games, community hall, gymnasium, reception, administration and recreational areas necessary for the proper development of the activities for which a building is intended.

How many meters from the street can be built in Colombia?

Purchase of the rights: the wall is acquired in thickness: the entire thickness. height: of the lowest building. length: the entire length. the current value depreciates by age and condition. the person who wants to use all or part of a wall that was built by his neighboring neighbor, must acquire the part he wishes to use. If, on the other hand, the wall is built entirely on the neighbor’s property, with one of its outer edges coinciding with the virtual plane of the dividing axis of the property (contiguous and private wall), the neighbor must pay not only the rights of party walls but also the strip of land on the boundary where the wall is located.

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Construction next to my house

After the demolition has been completed and the excavation for the foundations has begun, every time they pass in front of the construction site, they see their wall exposed and repeat over and over again that they will have to pay them for the use of the party wall.

It is common to hear the neighbors of a construction site say this phrase, perhaps without knowing that it responds to the provisions of our Civil Code in article 2736: “Every owner whose property immediately adjoins a wall or non party wall, has the right to acquire the party wall in all the extension of the wall, or only in the part that reaches the property of his property up to the height of the dividing walls, reimbursing half of the value of the wall, as it is built, or of the portion of which he acquires party wall, as well as half of the value of the ground on which it has been settled; but he cannot limit the acquisition to only a portion of the thickness of the wall. If he wishes to acquire only that portion of the height that the dividing walls must have, he is obliged to pay the value of the wall from its foundations.

Distance to build with the neighbor chile

ARTICLE 526.- (Side or oblique view windows): It is not allowed to have windows for leaning out, or balconies or other similar overhangs over the neighbor’s property, extending them beyond the boundary separating the properties.    Neither can side or oblique views be had, on the same property, if there are not six decimeters of distance.

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ARTICLE 527.- (Windows with direct view): Windows or balconies may not be opened that give a view of the rooms, yards or corrals of the neighboring property, unless there is a distance of three meters.

The distance shall be measured between the vertical plane of the most protruding line of the window or balcony and the vertical plane of the dividing line of the two properties, at the point where said lines become narrower, if they are not parallel.