How close can a cell tower be to a house?

How close can a cell tower be to a house?

How far away from a sensitive area can an antenna be installed?

If we take a look at the risk factors defined in the SBM-2008 technical standard, we will see that high-frequency radiation is only one of the seven types of radiation that define an environment, leaving aside chemical and biological agents. Radiation from mobile telephone antennas is also just one of the many types of high-frequency radiation: cell phones, wireless, wifis, etc.

In practice, while some homes have radiation levels that are not very significant for health, while still having telephone coverage, there are many homes, sometimes wonderful penthouses and high floors with good views in large cities, whose levels of radiation from cell phone antennas exceed the extremely significant and their inhabitants are exposed to a significant health risk.

For more information, consult the Bioinitiative Report (, a compilation of scientific studies on electromagnetic pollution and recognized by the European Parliament Resolution of September 4, 2008.

What area is covered by a cellular antenna

Cell phone base stations, also called cellular antennas, emit Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) which are electromagnetic waves of energy generated by their transmitters, emit particles of energy that are capable of traveling through space, have a low wave frequency (3Hz to 30 GHz) and are non-ionizing radiation, this means that they do not displace electrons from atoms or molecules. The antennas in question generate electromagnetic fields that decrease in power as we move away from them.

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Khurana in 20104 reviewed epidemiological studies in populations living near cell phone base stations for indications of any health risks to humans. In 80% of the studies, people living within 500 meters of base stations had a higher prevalence, particularly of adverse neurobehavioral symptoms and cancer. In another review of 56 studies, Levitt and Lai5 found that exposure from base stations and other antenna arrays induced changes in the immune and reproductive systems, DNA double-strand breaks, influence on calcium movement in the heart, and increased proliferation of astrocytomas and cancer cells in humans and laboratory animals.

Disadvantages of mobile telephone antennas

The National Spectrum Agency makes available to Colombians a system with clear and reliable information on electromagnetic field emissions generated by communications antennas, and their relationship with health and the environment.

Citizens can consult all the information on this system on the website of the National Spectrum Agency, and actively participate in monitoring compliance with the limits established as safe for health. In this way the ICT Ministry, the ANE, and the CRC (Communications Regulation Commission), reiterate their commitment to the welfare of Colombians. You can also check the Radiation Map in the country.

Distance between antennas

By means of a radio frequency scanner this measurement can be made and as I said it is important because for example in a building 30 meters from the antenna, on the seventh floor the measurement can give us 50 mW/m2 (1), on the third floor it can be lowered to 3 mW/m2 and at street level it can be only 0.4 mW/m2.

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Well, let’s suppose that the measurement gives us a high value, especially if it is made in the bedrooms or in areas where we spend many hours. What can we do? We can place an electromagnetic shielding of the radiations, that is to say, a protection to the radiation that comes to us from the outside.

If they are doors or windows we can place special curtains that could reduce it up to 90%. If we are talking about walls, we have from special paints to materials that drastically reduce radiation, depending on each case and the intensity of the radiation.

Let’s move on to the next step if we are already protected. Another problem may appear, but it is easy to solve: the loss of mobile coverage of the house or building. We can opt for cable or ethernet systems; these systems are faster and safer and have no health risks. If we cannot renounce to the connection by mobile line, we can enable some zone of the house without shielding avoiding that it is in zones where we spend many hours relaxing or resting.

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