How can I tell if glass is safety glass?

How can I tell if glass is safety glass?

How to tell if a glass is laminated

Laminated glass can be made with annealed, heat strengthened or fully tempered glass with different interlayers, such as polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ionomeric coating (SGP) depending on the mechanical resistance required, and can be combined with tinted glass, reflective coatings and PVC pigments. Both glass and interlayers can be adjusted to a wide variety of colors and thicknesses in order to meet any standard and requirement.

Safety glass examples

The most important difference between these three types of glass is the manufacturing process. Depending on the different procedures applied to the glass, the name of the final product is derived:

Tempered glass is born through the process of heating by means of horizontal furnace. This technique consists of raising the temperature of the glass up to 650° C. Subsequently, it is cooled abruptly with pressurized cold air.

Laminated safety glass consists of the fusion of two panes of glass. These are joined by means of a flexible plastic layer of polyvinyl butyral that adheres to both panes. The bonding process is known as autoclaving and consists of compacting the piece by pressure, heat and vacuum.

Safety glass

The professional comments that people today are becoming much more concerned about what type of glass the built structure should have. “The call is to be informed and evaluate the risks that exist in each case, from a house to a commercial premises,” he said.

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That is why it emphasizes the current Chilean regulation NCh 135, which regulates the use of glass in architecture, where there are so-called “risk areas”, which should always use safety glass to prevent accidents, which can also be an anti-theft protection in case of buildings that have greater vulnerability.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass, safety glass, tempered glass, low-emissivity glass… How difficult it is sometimes to make a decision! If you have to choose your future windows or you are simply thinking of changing them, you will have to opt for one of them.

This is due to the burital film. This is undoubtedly its most outstanding feature, hence its installation is recommended for uses with special security requirements and protection of people and property.

Laminated glass is highly resistant thanks to the elasticity of the PVB glue, which provides greater protection against impacts. The justification is that in the event of a blow to the laminated glass, the PVB absorbs the energy of the impact and, thanks to its elasticity, the adhesion to the glass is maintained.

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