Does POA reset your driving time?

Does POA reset your driving time?

Art 145 traffic law

In turn, this plan will require the participation of all those who will be traveling. This implies dividing up certain activities, for example: one will call different hotels to quote something according to their budget, while another will coordinate the most interesting activities they can do in the destination they are going to, etc.

A company’s goal planning is no different. The success of a team can only be achieved through a plan.  In this plan, as in family projects, medium and long-term objectives and goals must be integrated. Without this plan, employees can lose sight of their focus and neglect the activities that must be carried out to achieve results in a given period of time.

Among its main characteristics, the AOP should be a brief, concrete and simple document. Its preparation requires the participation of the staff or team that will make use of it. In addition to the objectives and descriptions of activities, the plan should include deadlines for completing the tasks indicated.

Art 135 traffic law

Recommend measures considered technically relevant to improve the reliability of natural gas supply networks, the transportation and distribution system of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, in coordination with the Vice Ministry of Hydrocarbons.

Promote knowledge and successful experiences in the mining field, disseminate best practices, international standards and advanced technologies in the industry, as well as ensure the rational and responsible use of mining resources in harmony with the environment.

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Promote the participation of national organizations and institutions linked to national mining in the development of regional projects, and offer the required support to the international entities involved.

Recommend the most appropriate formulas to maintain an open, permanent and systematic dialogue with the actors of the energy sector, in order to achieve the best balance and harmony in the decisions that affect the subsector.

Transit Law 2021

1) Primacy of the human person and their fundamental rights: The defense and protection of the human person, respect for their dignity and the guarantees for the full exercise of their fundamental rights, considering the human rights, gender and intercultural approaches; have primacy in the exercise of the police function;

5) Guarantee the rights of persons and the protection of their property, giving special privilege to the population at risk, vulnerable and abandoned, incorporating human rights, gender and intercultural approaches in their interventions;

8) Obtain, safeguard, secure, transfer and process indications, evidences and elements of proof related to the prevention and investigation of crime, making them available to the competent authority in a timely fashion;

16) Participate subsidiarily, at the request of the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE), in the security of penitentiary establishments and in the external security of the transfer of accused and sentenced persons in accordance with the regulations in force;

Article 182 of the transit law

In 1624, Father Juan de Frías Herrán founded the University on the Jesuit college. Seven were the first chairs: two of theology, one of morals, one of arts, two of Latin and one of Aymara. The Faculty of Canons or Law was founded in 1681. In the XVIII century, the Carolina Academy was created, attached to the University.

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Most of the slaves who arrived at the Audiencia de Charcas were used for domestic and service work. An attempt was made to introduce them to work in the mines, but their mortality rate was so high that this criterion was not followed.

Toledo already found the encomienda established, a system that had been created to benefit the conquistadors who were files to the king. They were granted a quantity of land with the indigenous people included in it. The encomenderos were obliged to Christianize these Indians. The encomienda, after Gonzalo Pizarro’s uprising, was awarded for only two lives.

Father Arce left Santa Cruz, with the intention of reaching the Paraguay River, to recognize the Chiquitano tribes that inhabited this region and to visit the recently founded Chiriguan missions. In this expedition, he founded San Francisco Javier, the first reduction erected in the Chiquitos lands. The organization and construction of the missions was largely due to Central European Jesuits, among them Father Martin Schmidt. These missions were developed in the 18th century, but were cut short after the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1667.

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