Does decking require building regulations?

Does decking require building regulations?

Municipal Construction Regulations

OSHA has created standards designed to prevent workers in general industry and construction from falling through skylights and roof and floor openings. The General Industry Standard established by OSHA requires that “all skylight openings and floor openings have standard skylight screens or a standard fixed guardrail on all exposed sides” [29 CFR* 1910.23(a)(4)]. OSHA also requires that skylight guards meet the following standards:

In 1995, OSHA’s standards for the construction industry regarding fall protection were revised and consolidated and are now found in OSHA Subsection M – Fall Protection [29 CFR 1926.500-503]. Workers must be protected in the following manner:

Each of these systems is described in detail in 29 CFR 1926.502. The following paragraphs from the OSHA standards have been reproduced to summarize these systems. The full text as it appears in the OSHA standards must be used to ensure that the fall protection system meets all fall protection criteria and practice requirements.

Occupational health and safety standards in the construction sector in Colombia.

Safety policies are key to minimize the risk of accidents, since they promote a more controlled work environment, in which the conditions for an accident to occur are kept under control.

In turn, hygiene policies ensure the correct use of personal protection elements, the proper treatment of materials, and other points that prevent the appearance of illnesses or injuries derived from the incorrect handling of tools and substances.

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The control agencies that can verify the correct implementation of these policies are, in the Province of Buenos Aires, the Superintendencia de Riesgos de Trabajo (SRT); the Ministerio de Trabajo de la Provincia de Buenos Aires; the ARTs; and the UOCRA.

Health and safety policies must be outlined by a trained professional. At the beginning of a project, the specific risks for each stage and the most problematic areas are identified. An action plan is then drawn up that includes preventive and corrective safety measures and the corresponding controls.

Building Regulations pdf

Prior Permit. All acts of building, whether new construction, intervention in existing buildings or demolition and all works regulated in this Ordinance are subject to prior permission.

Scope. All properties located in urban and suburban areas are included in this regulation – In rural areas, all works carried out south of National Route No. 9 or in the 50 meters strip on both sides of National Routes, Departmental or Neighborhood Roads and any other area that the Municipal Executive deems appropriate are included in this regulation – All rural constructions that are not specifically destined to the owner’s or staff’s houses or warehouses or facilities for internal use are also included in this regulation.

Application. All communication and request for permission must be made by the owner of the property or authorized person, in writing, in the form and with the requirements established in the regulation and the instructions issued by the Building Control Department.    They shall ensure the speed, simplicity and economy of the procedure and shall avoid the requirement of unnecessary or arbitrary formalities or precautions.

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Health and Safety Plan for Construction Sites pdf

Of all the productive sectors in Mexico, the construction industry reports the highest accident rates, so safety is one of the issues of greatest concern to companies engaged in this activity.

Employers often think that safety and prevention systems can be costly, so they trust their workers to take care of themselves. However, this is not always the case and, as a result, fatalities and accidents generate large expenses that companies are obliged to cover.

In this regard, the International Labor Organization (ILO) maintains that the cost of work-related accidents, in the form of absences from work, treatment and disability and death benefits, represents approximately 4% of the world’s GDP. It therefore stresses that a strong culture of safety prevention is a good thing, both for workers and for the coffers of companies and governments.

All figures and studies reveal that falls are the major cause of accidents in high-rise construction activities. Working at height means working more than 1.8 meters above the ground and in any place where a person could fall and cause serious injuries if the necessary measures are not taken. Thus, working in these circumstances is not something to be taken lightly.

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