Does a kitchen need a fire escape?

Does a kitchen need a fire escape?

Technical building code

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Marcello’s Stairs” can offer you unlimited possibilities in the metallic menu to meet all your needs in the measurement of the garage, mezzanines and balconies, both in the private and public sectors.

The project includes the renovation of common areas, the renovation of safety equipment in the Bonvin buildings, checking that the technical rooms throughout the site are in compliance with current standards, the replacement of electrical transformers to comply with current regulations, etc.

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The project also included a fire fighting vehicle equipped with a 32-meter articulated ladder manufactured by Iveco Magirus – the world leader in the production and marketing of fire fighting ladders – a methane Stralis and a “Leoncino”, a vehicle in the Chinese silver-format range, which has been designed and manufactured by Iveco Magirus, the world leader in the production and marketing of fire fighting ladders.

The Leoncino, which bears the name of the glorious truck produced between 1950 and 1968 by Officine Meccaniche OM of Brescia – which then became one of IVECO’s founding companies.


The analysis has to do with understanding and explaining the regulation that is still in force today and that, to make matters worse, was and is taken as a reference by many local codes.

Analysis: The width of a means of escape is calculated based on the theoretical number of people entering the floor area (clause 1.12) of the sector under consideration, which is supposed to be the maximum number of people that this place can contain. The occupancy factor (fo) establishes how many square meters a person needs. The units of “x” should be in [m2 / person].

Analysis: The UAS, i.e. the width of the means of escape is always calculated using the occupancy factor of the sector. Only in the case of “Industrial Buildings”, item g of the table in 3.1.2, it is allowed to use the amount declared by the employer.

The minimum total width shall be expressed in units of exit widths of 0.55 m. each, for the first two and 0.45 m. for the following ones, for new buildings. For existing buildings, where extensions are impossible, smaller widths will be allowed, according to the following table:

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Fire Protection Ordinance

Ventilation in common areas and interior access stairways of a building is a key aspect to ensure the habitability, comfort and safety of buildings and their occupants. Despite the fact that stairs are communication areas that transfer odors and pollutants, the CTE, within the specific regulation of healthiness (CTE DB HS 3), does not address a specific regulation for ventilation in these spaces.

In addition to these aspects related to health and comfort in the building, it is very important to adequately define the protection strategy for these areas in case of fire since, due to their characteristics, they can act as propagators of fire and smoke.

Common spaces and areas such as stairways require a series of specific conditions depending on various parameters that must be taken into account for the protection and evacuation of the occupants of a building or dwelling.

Protected stairways must have a ventilation system, while specially protected stairways must also have an independent vestibule. Specially protected stairways must also comply with very specific ventilation requirements.

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