Do you need permission to move a soil pipe?

Do you need permission to move a soil pipe?

Depth of drinking water piping peru

“For an integral reform in which the house is distributed again without touching elements of the structure, for example, a load-bearing wall, and windows are changed, it would be necessary to present in the Town Hall the model of the previous communication together with the payment of the rate and the tax of constructions and works. Subsequently, a deposit will be requested for the correct management of the waste, which is returned if it has been sent to authorized landfills,” he concludes.

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Pipe installation procedure

Simple, visit the help page of the city council of Madrid, fill in the fields and follow the indications (address of the building and type of work to be done). At the end it tells you the type of license you need. Madrid City Council.

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The city council does not usually ask for a license when painting, replacing floors, tiling, or replacing plumbing, electricity or heating installations, as long as the building is not listed.

The works that require the intervention of a technician for their execution are large-scale works such as the construction of houses, rehabilitation of protected buildings, changes in the structure of a building (pillars, beams, load-bearing walls, etc.).

1- The Urban Development Tax that is paid when applying for the license. It is the cost of the municipal technicians who process the dossier. The rates are around 200 € onwards, depending on the meters that we are going to modify.

Yes, any construction or extension project requires a project drawn up by a technician and a request for a license from the corresponding town hall. Regardless of the size of the extension.

I need permission to erect a fence

The competence to legislate on Urban Planning, Land Management, Land, Activity or Urban Planning corresponds to the Autonomous Regions. In all of them a Title or Chapter is dedicated to municipal intervention in building and land use. It is here where the urban planning license and the acts that are subject to it are defined.

The municipalities are given the power to develop in ordinances the processing of urban planning licenses, as well as to define more rigorously the acts subject to licensing and those not subject to licensing.

Practically all acts of construction or land use are subject to licensing, however, within our housing, municipal intervention is considerably reduced since in most cases they are conservation works.

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It is in these elements (the facades) where the City Councils are competent, as well as having the obligation, to regulate and legislate in order to make towns that are not chaotic, that are pleasant to live in, in short, that are “livable” cities.

Installation of drinking water pipes

The question is: Which of these actions need a building permit and which do not? Is it mandatory to apply for this permit? Where should we process it? What happens if we do a work at home without a license? What kind of fines do we face? Can the Community of Owners denounce us?

The building permits are the administrative tools that our legislation observes to guarantee that any intervention in a building complies with the Technical Building Code. In this way, when we do a work at home, we ensure that certain standards are maintained that affect, fundamentally, the quality of the materials and our safety and integrity.

In all cases, having a license from the City Council allows us to make the appropriate modifications to our home, avoiding noise complaints and unauthorized clearing of materials at the foot of the building. In addition, when we request one of these permits, we also leave a record before the Community of Owners of the work, its duration and possible inconvenience as a rule of “courtesy” with our neighbors.

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