Do you need internal fire doors in flats?

Do you need internal fire doors in flats?


Both in our home and in the premises or building where we work, we have the right to feel protected in the event of a fire. Unfortunately, on many occasions, we are not.    Something can go wrong with the structure of the building, or with the fire safety devices and tragedy strikes causing fatal accidents or highly serious injuries.

They are also a requirement in certain domestic situations, depending on local country regulations, for example, in apartments. Fire doors are required where a door leads to an integral garage, or in dwellings where there is an attic or “habitable” basement such as houses with an attic or with a “room in the roof”.

The purpose of a fire door in everyday use is like that of any other door. However, since an outbreak of fire is never predictable, the fire door, unlike the rest, fulfills its primary purpose: to protect lives and safeguard the rest of the building.

Fire ladders standards

The purpose of this procedure is to provide a suitable means known to all to act efficiently and quickly in the event of an emergency (fire, collapse, explosion, gas leak, bomb threat, etc.).

4 – 3) People as a whole must be aware of avoiding any attitude that may cause panic; either through shouting or desperate gestures “Keep calm in a risky situation”.

4 – 4) Those who observe any abnormality (smoke, fire, gas leakage, etc.) shall give immediate intervention to the personnel responsible for establishing the guidelines to be followed to solve the problem.

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4 – 5) No comment shall be made about the abnormality observed, until the intervening personnel deems it necessary, in order to start the evacuation without misrepresenting the magnitude of the event.

4 – 7) In case of evacuation, it shall be carried out following the instructions of the competent personnel, keeping the maximum order and moving on foot, never running and in single file.

Fire Door Maintenance Manual

While security in an average one- or two-story home can be achieved through a fire alarm system, sprinklers, or exhaust, you can also supplement it with a fire door.

Fire doors have a thickness of 44 mm, while most interior doors are 35 mm, which means that you would also have to change the frame for it to work properly.

That is why the security system for these spaces must include fire doors, which may be able to contain a fire for a specific period of time so that people can get out safely.

This is an essential part of the fire protection model because it prevents fire and smoke from spreading to places where students and staff can be trapped, such as classrooms, library, corridors and offices.

In this case, the fire doors in the mall corridors must always be open, and will be attached to electromagnets connected to the power supply, which will allow automatic closure in case of fire.

Fire door price

If you are the type of homeowner for whom everything is fine until something happens and you worry about the facilities, maybe you have not noticed the fire doors of the community of owners. Or you haven’t given any thought to what the building’s doors look like. Anyway, these are the things that were already like that when you arrived.

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If you are the extra meticulous type of homeowner, you probably already know all the regulations about fire and escape doors. And if you’re an average homeowner, the kind who is interested but not crazy about it, you should take into account the information we’ve detailed for you.

In principle, their name makes it quite clear, but sometimes there are doubts. Fire-resistant doors help prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire in a building.

Fire doors are not a panacea, but they contribute to the isolation of these areas and thus to the creation of safety zones in case of evacuation of the building. If a fire fills the garage with smoke, the corridors will be free of smoke so that the inhabitants of the building can leave safely.

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