Do ladders need to be footed?

Do ladders need to be footed?

Preventive measures for the use of ladders

It is essential to have clarity on this subject, so that when you are going to investigate a work accident involving a fall from a different level due to the use of a ladder, you know how to identify the parts that make up this element and thus be able to take the precise evidence of the accident, that is why the parts of the fixed ladder will be mentioned below:

There are several types or models of manual ladders, you can find single flight ladders, portable ladder, double stepladder, extendable ladder, the advantage of these ladders is that they are economical, easy to use and low thermal conductivity.

Referring to Resolution 1409 of 2012, which establishes the Safety Regulations for fall protection in work at heights, this type of instruments are installed for personnel who need to perform work in which they need to ascend and descend.

Fixed ladders are identified with several names; fixed inclined ladder, vertical separate or fixed ladder with safety baskets, and reference is made to resolution 1409 of work at heights, because the way they are constituted, these ladders are very high and fall protection system must be used.

Working ladders

Sylomer® is a high-quality technical material for elastic insulation that has proven itself over decades of use and is equally suitable for stairs with a massive structure as well as for stairs with a light structure. It is characterized by its quick and easy installation, durability and freedom from maintenance. Independent measurements confirm a high impact noise improvement of 31 dB.

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“Laboratory testing and practical accreditation: the stairway supports meet the most stringent requirements for increased impact noise protection. The positive feedback from our customers has convinced us.

Protocol for the use of ladders

Since the appearance of the elevator, stairs have been relegated. These devices are found in various places, buildings, shopping malls and there are even some pedestrian bridges that have them, because they are necessary for the elderly and people with physical disabilities, however, there are those who are in perfect health and use them, even to travel ridiculously short distances.

Stairs should be used as much as possible, whether at home, work, shopping centers or pedestrian bridges. Avoid using the elevator. If the floor you are going to is very high, then go halfway up the elevator and halfway down the stairs.

Ladder safety ppt

They scare us. We hate them. They make us tired. They make us sweat. And, whenever we can, we opt for option A: take the elevator. Badly done. Because climbing stairs is always an interesting exercise for our body, no matter where the opportunity presents itself: at work, in the subway or at home. Even if it’s just one flight, because all the movement we do adds up. So read carefully and you will begin to look at them with different eyes.

Like running, cycling or swimming, this is a very effective aerobic activity that helps us maintain our ideal weight. It makes us work our heart, improving our heart rate, and increases our lung capacity. With such a daily activity, we will strengthen our bones, improve our circulation and keep our cholesterol at bay.

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Climbing stairs is also a very effective way to relieve stress accumulated during the workday. If the tension is increasing, nothing better than releasing it step after step. We would avoid a lot of unpleasantness.    Do not force. It’s not about getting into the Guinness Book, but about feeling better.