Do empty syringes go in sharps containers?

Do empty syringes go in sharps containers?

Disposal of sharps waste

In coordination with the municipalities, we are developing actions to reinforce the correct separation of waste, under the provisions of the NADF-024-AMT-2013 standard, in order to properly manage sanitary waste.

We request the support of citizens to correctly separate all their waste and to inform them that non-recyclable inorganic waste contains sanitary waste, so that they do not open the bag when handing it over to the cleaning workers.

The population is recommended to use the bags they already have at home or, if possible, to buy environmentally friendly bags, such as those made of recycled material or identified as compostable.

How to dispose of insulin syringes

Diabetes management requires the use of different materials and devices (needles, lancets, glucose strips, etc.). Correct disposal of these products will help us to avoid accidental needle sticks (both for family members of people with diabetes and garbage collection workers), to avoid exposure to toxic products and to be environmentally friendly.

The best containers are those made of thick, rigid plastic with a lid. It is important that the lid fits tightly so that waste does not spill out. It is not advisable to use glass containers, because they are more fragile to shocks and could break. Also discard returnable product containers, to avoid confusion and disposable material ending up in the wrong place.

In each country, there may be special rules and specific collection centers for disposing of these materials. If yours does not have a specific policy for waste management, you can ask if your pharmacy or health center collects this type of material.

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Syringes can be reused

If you have any doubts about this, do not miss this post, the first of a series that we will dedicate to answer questions. We are sure you will find them interesting and they will help you to take better care of the environment in your daily life.

For this reason, you should not deposit cardboard boxes or empty containers in the yellow container or any other container, nor in the trash, but in the SIGRE Point. In this way, they will receive specific environmental treatment.

Loose needles should be deposited in a sharps container, which can be found in some pharmacies or Health Centers; taken to the clean point or, failing that, deposited in the ordinary garbage bag.

Although SIGRE has been created mainly for the collection of packaging and medicine waste, it also accepts some parapharmacy products (nutrition, dietetics, hygiene, etc.). It is very easy to identify them: they carry the SIGRE logo on the outer packaging.

Although they are a waste related to our health, X-rays are not packaging or medicines, so they should be deposited in the specific containers that are usually set up in the municipal Ecoparks or recycling centers. Failing that, they should be deposited in the ordinary garbage bag.

Sharps container

No, they are not recyclable. Technically, we might think so, since they are made of plastic and metal, but the uses given to syringes mean that they belong to the group of pathogenic or infectious waste, since they can be biologically contaminated (i.e. with bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.).

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Syringes are mostly used in health care settings, such as hospitals, clinics… In these cases, they are municipal waste, which the centers themselves take care of and treat accordingly. But what about those syringes we use at home?

Once we take them to specialized sites, they are usually treated by incineration and steam sterilization. So, by all accounts, remember to dispose of your syringes where they belong!