Do bin stores need to be ventilated?

Garbage room in buildings

Temporary warehouses are so practical that they can be used for a wide variety of industries. Here is some information and characteristics of this type of storage for your information.

In various sectors -such as construction, agriculture, health, etc.- waste often arises, both for the environment and for living beings. This gives rise to the need for special storage for such waste.

Hazardous waste is defined as all waste that may be toxic, flammable, explosive, oxidizing, carcinogenic, corrosive or infectious, as well as the containers that contain or have contained it.

Within the waste itself there should be a classification that avoids the formation of toxic gases, explosions or difficulties in handling; likewise, they should be well identified. Having them in a specific order will allow them to be transported quickly and without problems.

If possible, the labeling should include: name, date of packaging, producer’s data and the risks it may cause. All this will benefit the environment, as well as the ease of handling.

Garbage room dimensions

Having an air filtering circuit in commercial premises is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the business activity. At first glance, it may seem somewhat hasty due to the stereotypical view that tends to think that its functions are reduced to ensure an efficient air conditioning system. However, filtering in this type of environment goes much further. It plays a fundamental role in meeting the business objectives preserving and protecting the health and quality of work of the three main pillars of a service company: the workforce, the product for sale and customers. A good air installation must affect each and every one of them.

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Garbage room in a restaurant

For this reason, we strongly advise you, in order to avoid expenses, surprises and headaches, to hire a competent technician to justify that the premises have the necessary requirements established by the current regulations or to previously inform you of the inconveniences, solutions and costs.

It must have smoke extraction to the roof of the building. This is a decisive point when choosing a premises for the opening of an activity with kitchen, since, although there are alternative systems (such as hoods with activated carbon filters), they are not always accepted by the competent administration. In addition, alternative systems do not always offer the same efficiency as fume extraction by hood.

The license must specify all the equipment of machinery and work elements that the kitchen will have, so it is advisable to have catering kitchen supply companies that offer complete advice on the equipment you need.

Garbage rooms standards

Article 19. DependenciesFood storage isolated from other dependencies foreign to their specific tasks and of exclusive use, having likewise the consideration of store, the refrigerating and freezing chambers and cabinets or shelves.

There will be a dependency destined to the deposit of the standardized containers of residues, suitably isolated from floor to ceiling and of exclusive use, that will have to fulfill the following conditions:

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