Did NY extend car inspection?

Did NY extend car inspection?


The Member State intending to prolong controls shall provide the other Member States and the Commission with all relevant information on the reasons for prolonging internal border controls.

If Member States wish to extend exemptions or reductions in excise duty rates, they must give good reasons for doing so. These reasons must not run counter to the principles of the internal market, fair competition and a sustainable environmental policy.

Refinancing or restructuring operations shall be carried out in accordance with the conditions laid down in paragraph 1 and shall not have the effect of extending the average maturity of the loan concerned or increasing the amount of capital outstanding at the date of refinancing or restructuring.

When adopting subsequent implementing acts, the Commission may extend the period of that suspension for further periods of up to six months and may amend the categories of nationals of the third country concerned for which the exemption from the visa requirement is suspended.


Today, production is highly concentrated in East Asia. Although American companies such as Qualcomm or Intel are the ones most often mentioned when talking about microchips, the truth is that these firms are the ones that develop and sell them, but manufacturing and assembly is mainly carried out in Taiwan and South Korea (TSMC, Samsung…), where the chip industry is saturated due to the sudden surge in global demand.

The financial firm TS Lombard explained in a paper that manufacturing has shifted enough to Asia for Taiwan and Korea to account for 83% of the world’s processor chip production and 70% of memory chip production. The region’s leadership will continue to expand with the increasing technical and capital intensity required for future semiconductor production.

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These experts recall that all of the above has been compounded by the 5G mobile networks being deployed and the increased demand for new smartphones compatible with these networks. The growing demand for computers and graphics cards for mining cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin has also played against this.

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There are those known as ‘crickets’, which in most cases are annoying but not a symptom that something is wrong, but there are others that should put us on alert, as they are a sign that something is going wrong or a warning that something is about to go wrong.

Bosch board member and head of its automotive division Mobility Solutions, talks about its second semiconductor plant, which has just opened in Dresden, Germany.

In order to prevent loss of control on the road, most vehicles, especially today, are equipped with ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and RSC (Roll Stability Control).

In exchange for the ECO label on the windshield thanks to its micro-hybridization system, the practical MegaBox, which provides an additional 55 liters of storage space in the non-electrified versions, is waived.

During the summer, the extremely high temperatures generated by vehicle engines can soar. This is why the cooling system, for example, needs special attention in these months.

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Construction began in 1896, at a cost of $12,000,000, with Leffert L. Buck as structural engineer, Henry Hornbostel as assistant architect and Holton D. Robinson as assistant engineer, opened on December 19, 1903, and was the longest suspension bridge at the time. Its record lasted until 1924, when the Bear Mountain Bridge was opened.

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The Williamsburg Bridge connects the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn with the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was built for the passage of carriages and pedestrians, although today it carries cars, pedestrians, bicyclists and the J, M and Z subway lines.

The bridge is an unconventional structure, unlike other suspension bridges, although the main span hangs from cables as usual, the main span of the bridge is 488 m long. The entire bridge is 2,227 m long, and the deck is 36 m wide. The height at the center of the bridge is 41 m and each tower is 102 m high.

Traffic is divided: the pedestrian and bicycle lanes are separated by the subway tracks, and cars travel on a lower level. The inside of the bridge is covered with a kind of metal cage making it almost impossible to take pictures of the scenery. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from one end of the bridge to the other if you do it on foot.

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