Can you sue a company for not letting you use the bathroom?

Can you sue a company for not letting you use the bathroom?

Going to the bathroom is a human right

Misuperbisor siempre q leago una pregunta me grita I medise q soi un estupido y lo escucnado avler mal de my lo escucnodo desir q todos los q bienen a estados unidos somos unos vastardos ami meadicno mister iligo taco viner algo q pueda aser

Granier del Prat de Llobregat, practices mobbing, discrimination, incites hatred, all this to a part of the staff. In addition to mobbing, they keep the workers’ pots, they do not comply with the schedules.

I was blamed at work for stealing and they wanted to fire me but my boss accepted me again and now he keeps making comments to me that I have not stolen before and I do not know what to do, help me, it stresses me out and does not leave me alone, I will explain even more, thank you.

My boss in front of everyone told me 50 years old, most of the time he emphasizes my age to everyone, and her husband tells us old ladies and that no one else will hire us, please I need to know what I can do about his humiliations.

Law to go to the toilet at school

The nursing union SATSE has filed a complaint with the Labor Inspection and Social Security ensuring that prevention measures implemented by the Conselleria are not effective against the Omicron variant.

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In my case I had a contract for work and service and it has been terminated because we depend on the completion of some works by the end customer, delayed because of the coronavirus. All the company’s permanent workers assigned to this and other projects are in a redundancy. In the case of those of us who are on a work and service contract, do we have the right to benefit from this erte? Thank you very much

Hello, I am an interim teacher in Catalonia, I have been substituting another teacher who is on sick leave since January, since this seems to be going on for a long time, what happens to me if the person is discharged? Since they can not assign me another place, I am left without a job and without being able to work maybe until next year, and if I can not ask for unemployment, what options do I have?

Good morning, my question is…my first six months of my contract will end on April 8. I work in a supermarket. With the new law I understand that they are obliged to renew but my boss told me that they will pay me what happens if they do not comply with the law and do not renew me?

How many times can I go to the bathroom at work chile

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How long can I go to the bathroom at work?

Since last May 12, companies are obliged to record the time of entry and exit of their employees. In fact, this is included in the current regulation of the Workers’ Statute, in article 34.9.

Given this lack of information in the regulation, there are many who have been involved in conflicts of interest with their workers. But to prevent this from going any further and to clarify the matter, we are going to explain below some relevant issues that you should take into account about breaks and effective working time.

On the other hand, another thing that is agreed by agreement is to determine whether the 15-minute break constitutes effective working time or not. If that working time is considered not to be effective, the worker must make up for it by putting in more time during the working day.

“Whenever the length of the continuous daily working day exceeds six hours, a rest period of not less than fifteen minutes must be established during the working day. This rest period shall be considered effective working time when so established by collective bargaining agreement or employment contract”.

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