Can you put rainwater into soil pipe?

Can you put rainwater into soil pipe?

How to make a rainwater drainage system

depth).    They are usually constructed of solid steel or heavy plastic liners with grooves that allow water to enter.    They usually contain underground aqueducts to prevent freezing. More than 15 million homes (approximately 15% of Americans) have private water wells for drinking water supply. Private water wells must be protected from contamination.  Consumption of contaminated groundwater could cause illness. Contamination

Yard Storm Drains

These systems, depending on several factors, such as the catchment area and the average annual rainfall, are capable of supplying up to 15% or 30% of the sanitary water consumption. Another advantage of these systems is that they are based on a fairly simple premise and mechanics, which can only use gravity to start up, and consists of the following stages:

This type of tanks allow to store large quantities of water, for quite a long time without having to incur in large works or excavations. They usually store up to 1000 liters of water per unit and allow coupling several units in case of needing more storage capacity, thanks to the fact that they are made of light materials that facilitate their installation. The disadvantage of this type of tanks is that they take up considerable space and represent an element attached to the architecture that is difficult to hide aesthetically.

These tanks are connected to the rainwater drainage system, which allow collecting water and dispensing it when necessary. They have low storage capacities for domestic and gardening uses, they do not exceed 100 liters, but they have the advantage of being able to easily dispose of the collected water and their dimensions allow them to be aesthetically integrated and even to be a decorative piece in itself.

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How to make a drain in the yard

Most of the water used in the house is not consumed and is diverted to the general sewage system of the municipality through a simple but orderly system of pipes and manholes. Rainwater from roofs, patios or terraces also ends up in these pipes. The connections of the elements are simple. Their distribution is the most important thing.

– Collectors: the pipes of larger diameter, buried in the floor or in the basements, collect the water from the whole house and divert it, by means of manholes, to the general collectors of the municipality. The diameter of the collector pipes must be greater than 125 mm.

1.2. Join and glue the general PVC pipes. The pipes are assembled tongue and groove and glued and cut with a hacksaw. Before gluing, the pipes should be checked for cleanliness. Allow to dry before continuing with the work.

1.3. Knead the concrete with which the manhole and pipes will be fastened. You must pour a 10 cm base in the trenches, so that the manhole and pipes are not in direct contact with the ground. Put the pipes in the trench leaving them with a slope of 3 cm per meter.

Rainwater gutters prices

For this reason, how can we take advantage of rainwater to prepare for drier times? With a little ingenuity and attitude we can also use rainwater for other more common and common actions.

In many do-it-yourself stores you can find various systems for collecting rainwater through downspouts and gutters or for storing it in a wide variety of tanks. These models make it possible to get a considerable volume of water for later use that will help the environment and can also reduce the bill.

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“Rainwater is clean and pure, contains no lime or chlorine and is also FREE. A 50% of the water uses in a house can be replaced by rainwater, which represents a lifetime saving of resources both economic, energetic and environmental”, they detail from a company specialized in this business area.

“Rainwater has an exceptional quality for many uses: plants appreciate watering with lime and chlorine-free water, the washing machine has no lime scale problems, we save on detergent and softener for laundry or water for ironing,” they stress from this company.