Can you let a granny annexe?

Can you let a granny annexe?

Tenants’ rights after 5 years

– When the possessor is a mere possessor (for example, a lessee) he will not acquire ownership of the property by the passage of time and even if the requirements are met, since there is the awareness that it is being possessed on behalf of another.

My question is, could they claim ownership of the vehicle in order to sell it to me? In that case, who is the person who gives that authorization to assume the ownership of the vehicle? A judge, the police, traffic?

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Tenant’s rights and obligations

In relation to the deposit and additional guarantees of the housing lease contracts, the regulation fixes in two monthly payments of the rent the maximum amount that can be requested as additional guarantee to the deposit, which must be of one month’s rent.

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With the new rental regulations, the causes of necessity alleged by the owner to recover the rented property must be stated in the rental contract. Specifying, when the time comes, which of these causes is the one alleged to recover the housing.

I am a tenant and my landlord wants to evict me

Ruth is a copywriter, psychologist and creative, specialized in blog writing and emotional content. Half Barcelonian, half Colombian. A big fan of travel, her mother’s food and her little one’s toothless smile.

One of the big questions when talking about renting is whether it is possible to rent an apartment without having a salary. For both tenants and landlords, this can be a headache as you need to justify that, even if you don’t have a salary, you can guarantee to pay the rent.

Landlords want to make sure that you are financially solvent enough to be able to meet the rent payments. Therefore, even if you are self-employed, you can prove it and present, in addition to the deposit and the additional guarantees, the following documents:

Ruth is a copywriter, psychologist and creative, specialized in blog writing and emotional content. Half from Barcelona, half Colombian. She is a big fan of travel, her mother’s food and her little one’s toothless smile.

You can rent an apartment and have someone else live in it.

Grandparent apartments – Grandparent apartments are especially popular in multigenerational households: young adults or the elderly can live here with their family, but still have privacy. But a grandparent apartment is not only attractive for family members, regardless of whether you just want to rent the apartment or even buy it already. Due to the low rental and purchase prices, this type of apartment is also popular with working singles, students or even au pairs. Whether it’s an attic or a cellar basement, grandparent apartments can have just as much charm as regular apartments. Find out more about this type of apartment here, e.g.: Grandparents’ apartment – what is it really?

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In principle, the rule applies here that the management of one’s own household must also be possible in a granny apartment on a fully autonomous basis. If this were not the case, it would only be a case of pure room rental. If the apartment is also enclosed on the outside and has its own entrance, it is again a two-family dwelling.